With features like fast WiFi for streaming music and TV screens with DVD players for watching your favorite movies, charter bus rentals are full of entertainment options to keep you engaged. But sometimes you’ll want to catch up on sleep—or just settle in for a cozy ride— between destinations so you can arrive refreshed and ready to go.

Whether you’re resting up after a big sporting event in an Atlanta bus rental or catching a quick power nap aboard your corporate event shuttle, we’ve put together some tips for how to travel comfortably on a charter bus and how to sleep on a bus rental. Keep reading to learn more!

A bus passenger receives a blanket while sitting in a seat

Book the Ideal Bus Rental for Your Passengers

One way to ensure you and your fellow passengers have a comfortable ride from beginning to end is to book the right bus rental in the first place. With National Charter Bus, you have access to a wide range of bus model options ranging from full-sized charter buses to compact minibus rentals. That means you’ll always have the perfect motorcoach for your headcount, luggage storage, and specific amenity needs—no matter what.

From ADA-compliant charter buses with extra handrails and a lift for wheelchair users to efficient shuttle services with a knowledgeable charter bus driver to handle all the navigation logistics for you, we strive to make the bus rental process as stress-free and easy as possible! Get in touch today by calling 1-844-755-0510, and a 24/7 reservation specialist can walk you through every step, including providing a personalized and no-obligation charter bus pricing plan.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

If possible, wear clothes that are soft, breathable, and don’t wrinkle easily. We recommend dressing in layers and bringing a light jacket—your charter bus rental will have in-cabin air conditioning and you may even be able to adjust airflow for your seat, but having layering options is always a smart idea. Avoid tight, restrictive clothing, short skirts, and scratchy materials that will make it difficult to sleep comfortably on your bus.

Bring the Right Gear

Are you the type of person who can sleep without a pillow, or do you need to bring one to prop against the window? Will the chatter of your fellow passengers help you fall asleep, or do you need noise-canceling headphones? Do you need an eye mask? Do you get cold easily and need a blanket? Only you know what works for you, so set yourself up for success by bringing your “must-have” comfort items for a restful charter bus ride.

Many long-distance bus passengers like to keep a small toiletry bag in their carry-on, purse, or backpack with essentials like a comb, toothbrush, wet wipes, and deodorant. These small grooming and hygiene items can go a long way in terms of your comfort, so don’t hesitate to store them in your bus rental’s overhead parcel rack.

Bus passengers share snacks across bus seats

Stay Hydrated and Eat Snacks

No one can stay comfortable on an empty stomach. Bring a water bottle and pick the right snacks for your bus trip to ensure you’re well-rested throughout your charter bus journey. Light, non-perishable snacks that aren’t messy or odorous are perfect for bus rides, and be sure to avoid caffeinated beverages. If you’re worried that drinking water will make you have to go between stops, talk with your reservation specialist to secure a charter bus rental with an in-cabin restroom to minimize pit stops.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

If you have the option to choose where you sit on your bus rental, picking a spot in the middle of the cabin is the best way to sleep on a bus. Seats near the entry doors are high-traffic areas, and you’re more likely to feel bumps in the road if you sit toward the back.

Also, like in an airplane cabin, folks who sit near the window rather than the aisle are more likely to catch some shut-eye and are less likely to have to get up to let their seatmate out. Before your bus departs, have a chat with the passenger sitting next to you about what would make you both the most comfortable.

Stretch It Out

No matter how comfortable a plush, reclining seat on a charter bus can be, sitting in the same position for multiple hours at a time can take a toll on your body. Be sure to stand up, stretch, and get your blood circulating when your charter bus pulls into a pit stop. That way, you’re less likely to develop sciatic pain (aka lower back and tailbone pain) throughout your group outing and be able to fall asleep on your bus easily.

A man with headphones leans against a bus window, sleeping

Hit the Road to Sweet Dreams

Ready to settle in for a comfortable charter bus trip? All that’s left is to book your bus! From Los Angeles bus rentals for sightseeing tours to wedding shuttle buses in Chicago and beyond, National Charter Bus is here to help your group travel in total comfort and free from stress. Call 1-844-755-0510 today for a free bus rental estimate, or check out our frequently asked questions for even more information about riding on and renting a charter bus!