About National Charter Bus


A Few of Our Partnerships & Accolades

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About National Charter Bus

National Charter Bus is a nationwide transportation company that focuses on making group travel easier for everyone, from big businesses to high school bands. With resources and partners in over 30 major cities across the United States, we have your group transportation covered from coast to coast.

Our business isn’t just built around our large network of bus partners. It’s built around you, our passengers. Traveling with a group isn’t always one-size-fits-all. We get it: every group’s travel needs can be different.

That’s why at National Charter Bus, we aim to personalize transportation logistics for each group of passengers. We work with local bus providers to give our customers a vast and reliable selection of transportation options, no matter their location or accommodation needs.

Group Travel Services Across the Country

From the context clues in our name, you may already have a solid guess about what we do. Although we provide our passengers with top-quality charter bus rentals across the nation, we strive to do more than simply give you a charter bus.

We want to give groups the best travel experience possible, no matter where you are in the United States. Stressed about getting your 25-person conference group to the venue on time? Or are you worried about students being uncomfortable on an old bus during a long field trip? That’s where we step in.

Above simple transportation solutions, we’re here to save you time and stress. From the beginning of the quoting process to the post-trip follow up, you’ll have a quick and efficient experience.

How Our Charter Bus Rentals Work

We’ve spent a lot of time building a reliable network of transportation partners to offer you the most extensive fleet possible. Our network of motorcoaches includes full-sized buses, minibuses of various sizes, and ADA-accessible buses to fit any group occasion. Reserve a full-sized bus for your wedding guests, a minibus for company happy hour, or an entire fleet for your school’s theme park-bound graduation celebration.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at 1-844-755-0510. When our rental representatives take your call, they’ll assess your trip and your group’s unique needs before pairing you with a bus. You’ll receive an email quote, which includes the cost of your rental and a professional driver.

If our quote meets your expectations, you can finalize the rental with secure online checkout. It’s really that simple, we promise!

Make Group Transportation Effortless

Traveling with a group already comes with a laundry list of possible stressors. Minimizing or eliminating travel stress will make your trip smoother for everyone involved. Our top priority at National Charter Bus is to give our customers a safe, simple, and stress-free booking experience. Your travel satisfaction is why we work around the clock to ensure your travel needs are met with the utmost efficiency.

We Service All Types of Groups

The short answer is: everyone. Our services are here for groups of all types traveling for a variety of occasions.

Although we do have certain trip types in our service wheelhouse, we never limit our passengers. We provide a breadth of transportation services that include everything from corporate trips to emergency evacuation services and everything in between. Our customer service and rental options are tailored to your group’s trip, regardless of purpose or destination.

Chicago’s Corporate Conference Attendees

Business transportation for conferences, trade shows, and conventions in major cities can get tricky, especially with a large group of colleagues. For example, driving in Chicago is notoriously difficult, while parking is another taxing feat. We’ll help you streamline the conference arrival and departure process to McCormick Place or business venues in any other major city.

Washington’s Educational Enthusiasts

Field trips and educational events in Washington D.C. are a dime a dozen. The capital’s roads are always filled with students and educators looking to take in major parts of history. Whether you’re traveling around D.C.’s National Mall or another historic site in the country, upgrading your field trip transportation with a charter bus will make the experience that much better for students.

Miami’s Waterfront Wedding Party

Weddings have many moving parts, and wedding shuttle transportation in a busy city like Miami is an imperative component. All that planning shouldn’t go to waste with guests running late due to transportation issues. Allowing us to shuttle guests to waterfront hotels or other elegant venues will help eliminate any transportation-related problems.

New York’s Sports Super Fans

We understand that sporting events are a way of life for some passengers. Missing a Yankees or Jets game just isn’t an option. Corralling your entire game group onto public transportation or into multiple vehicles takes away from the thrill of a game. With National Charter Bus NYC, you don’t have to miss a game or sweat the transportation.

LA’s Festival Fanatics

Private personal trips encompass a wide range of activities. From festival adventures with friends in Coachella to family reunions in Anaheim, a charter bus will simplify your trip. Wherever your travels take you across the US, we’re here to make sure you keep your mind on the destination and not on hassles associated with the journey.

Boston's Employee Shuttles

National Charter Bus can help construction workers, medical staff, and office employees reach their workplaces safely. With an employee shuttle, you can customize your route and schedule, and you know you'll have clean, sanitized transportation from Beacon Hill to Charlestown

Why Book a Private Bus?

Booking a private charter bus offers benefits that aren’t available when traveling in a standard vehicle. When you rent with National Charter Bus, you’ll have practical advantages like your group staying together and keeping complete control of your trip. There’s no need to rent multiple small vehicles or coordinate the use of rideshare apps in a new city.

Beyond being practical for large-scale transportation, our charter bus rentals provide a superior level of comfort. Squeezing athletes into a small van doesn’t sound fun. Neither does being cramped in rideshares during your bachelorette party.

A charter bus will not only give you plenty of space, but you’ll have the option to ride with amenities like WiFi, onboard restrooms, reclining seats, and an entertainment system.

Now, that sounds much better than having everyone cramped and uncomfortable.