About National Charter Bus

National Charter Bus is a nationwide transportation company that services more than 30 major cities across the US. With resources in most major US cities, National Charter Bus provides service to thousands of travelers across the country. We work with local bus providers to give our customers a vast selection of transportation options, no matter their location and accommodation needs. Our modern reservation platform allows us to track buses within our network in order to provide groups with efficient and timely service.

Our top priority at National Charter Bus is to give our customers the easiest and most streamlined travel process when booking a bus. We pride ourselves on the safety and satisfaction of each group traveling through our service. Rental representatives at National Charter Bus work endlessly to provide the best quality service to groups needing large forms of transportation.

What We Do

The transportation services we provide are commonly for group trips such as corporate trips, school trips, weddings, sports events, personal private trips, senior citizen outings, and even emergency evacuation services. Our network of buses includes full-sized buses, sometimes called motorcoaches, and minibuses of various sizes.

We can accommodate groups of all sizes with the number of buses and models in our network. When our rental representatives take your call, they’ll assess your needs in terms of distances and amenities. We’ll then pair you with the best bus and provide a free quote. Each rental bus includes a professional driver from within our network of providers as well.

Why Book a Private Bus?

Booking a private bus through National Charter Bus allows a group to stay together and keep complete control of their trip. There’s no need to rent multiple small vehicles or coordinate the use of rideshare apps in an unfamiliar city. A private charter bus can more closely follow the travel itinerary for your group and ensure everyone arrives together. You won’t have the worries of leaving someone behind or having group members get lost while on the way to a destination.

Private charter buses also provide more comfort than other travel options available for groups. You can have the luxury of relying on your driver to take on the roads while everyone relaxes. Groups renting through National Charter Bus can enjoy buses with the options of WiFi, reclining seats, televisions with DVD players, on-board restrooms, and more, depending on availability. Enjoy the ride with movies, music, or even catch up on some sleep while on the bus.