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Reliable Charter Bus Rentals in San Francisco

Bus rentals have never been easier. With access to the largest selection of coaches and superior 24/7 customer support, you can rely on National Charter Bus to find you the best bus in San Francisco. Choose from a small minibus to a full-sized motorcoach, or request a whole fleet-- either way, we’ve got it covered when you call us at 415-226-7853!

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Popular Destinations in San Francisco

Take a Bus to San Francisco

view of the golden gate bridge with an aerial view of the bay and San Francisco

San Francisco is a spectacular city on the Central Coast of California. Home to some of the most diverse landscapes and architecture in the world, The City by the Bay is one of the most celebrated treasures in the country. With its varied terrain and tumultuous seas, the city harbors some of the most popular adventures of the West Coast. The trip to San Francisco is a journey in and of itself, as the city is located on a peninsula surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Bay, and the Golden Gate.

But what is the cheapest, fastest, and the most efficient way to travel to the Paris of the West Coast? Local and international travelers are finding that bus transportation is the simplest and most flexible solution for instant travel to and from their favorite local sites and attractions. In order to enjoy all that the city has to offer, set your travel plans before arrival to the world’s most beloved U.S. tourist attraction!

First-Time Trip Ideas

With a wide selection of adventures from beach fronts to Red Wood forests, it’s nearly impossible to drive by a sight without stopping to see the view. Setting a trip itinerary can coordinate your travel experience as you explore many serene stops along the way. As your personal driver leads you through the overlooks along the Pacific, you may find that each of you wants to squeeze something different into a limited time frame.

With a personal bus driver, you can embark upon all your favorite destinations on your own time rather than wait hours for the streetcars to rev up. Set your trip itinerary with a professional driver before setting out on your journey through the many unique sights that the city has to offer, whether you’re scheduling field trips, conferences, wedding events, or senior seminars in the unique Golden City. 

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

Getting to the Golden Gate Bridge without a car can be a challenge. By having a personal bus driver drop you off at the beginning of the bridge, you can enjoy the spectacular sights of the city as you cruise past the bustling San Francisco traffic.

Stay in Fisherman’s Wharf

Located at the center of San Francisco, this port is home to a multitude of shopping and water expeditions perfect for a large travel group. This tourist destination is located east of Pier 35 by Kearny Street which embodies the northern waterfront of the city.

Sail over to Alcatraz Island

Explore the island that used to house the most dangerous criminals in the U.S. which has become a surprising tourist favorite. Take a boat over to the notorious prison located in the center of the ominous sea, to experience a tour of the inside of old jail cells and learn about the few who escaped.

Hike Muir Woods Nature Preserve

Discover the serene path through the National Redwood Forest which sets the ideal scene for meditation as you walk through the silent cathedral of the nature preserve. Experience the sight of the towering 800-year-old trees as a nature lover’s paradise unfolds before your eyes.

Things to do near San Francisco

Wine Tours in Wine Country

When you think of California, the first thing you picture is a distinguished wine tour in the beautiful Carneros and Napa Valley wine regions. But did you know there are about 600 wineries in the Napa Valley and Sonoma Wine Country alone? The two regions have a sibling rivalry regarding who has the best and most affordable wine, but choosing several vineyards from such an exquisite collection can be truly perplexing.

Best Vineyards in Wine Country:

Napa and Sonoma Valley are quintessential destinations for harvesting California wine grapes within their mountain ranges combined with a unique, arid climate. Due to the distinctiveness of the region, California wine country is home to some of the most popular grapes and wine blends in the world.

Napa Valley

Looking for something fun to do? Your group can partake in a locally-acclaimed Napa Winery Tour. Pick from an endless selection of world-renowned wine tours. Some local favorites include Domaine Carneros, Monticello Vineyards, Corley Family Napa Valley, Piña Napa Valley, and the famous Castello di Amorosa.

Sonoma Wine Country

Sonoma is well-known for providing the Northern California community with moderately-sized local wineries at an affordable price compared to Napa. Take a bus on a Sonoma Winery tour from San Francisco, so your trip can be quick and easy. Popular treasured wineries include California’s oldest family-owned winery, Buena Vista Winery, Ravenswood Winery, Deerfield Ranch Winery, and Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery.

Silicon Valley & Corporate Events

Located in the Southern San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley serves as a global leader for technology companies around the world. Tourists enjoy visiting the landmarks of Winchester Mystery Mansion before traveling over to California’s Great America Theme Park. There is also Facebook's campus or Google’s Campus for tech lovers.

Union Square

Union Square is known as a shopper lover’s paradise, as some of the top brands in the U.S. are housed in its center. Prepare for a myriad of local shops twice the size of their counterparts in other cities. Macy's is the largest shop featuring seven floors and an elevator. You can also attend a walking tour of Union Square and Chinatown or have a bus relocate you to new destinations throughout your stay.

San Francisco Destinations & Local Attractions 


The original chocolate factory founded in 1852, making it the third oldest chocolate company in the United States.

Address: D450, 915 Ridgewalk Parkway, Woodstock, GA 30188

Union Square

The hub of city life featuring some of the best shopping in the world equating to the shopping in New York City.

Address: 333 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Twin Peaks

This national park is located in the center of San Francisco and stretches across 1,017 acres of public land.

Address: 501 Twin Peaks Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94114

Golden Gate Park

A large urban park on the geographic edge of San Francisco, which allows for you to walk or bike to the bottom of the bridge.

Address: San Francisco, CA

Muir Beach Lookout

Muir Beach is where the Red Wood Forest meets the Pacific Ocean. The beach is a hidden destination off the rocky coastline of California. A 360 panoramic view of the Pacific is available if you hike the winding path through the woods.

Address: Muir Beach Overlook, Muir Beach, CA 94965

Lands End Trail 

Explore the expanse of the Pacific Ocean by hiking Lands End Trail. Home to the Coastal Trail, sea cliffs, and the historic Sutro Baths, tourists are not disappointed when they come across the hidden gems cloaked in fog. 

Address:  680 Point Lobos Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121 

Point Bonita Lighthouse 

When traveling to Sausalito, a paradise island only a ferry away from the city, stop by the Point Bonita Lighthouse for unparalleled sights of the golden gate bridge. It is a lesser-known vantage point of the city of San Francisco. 

Address: Sausalito, CA 94965 

Why Take a Bus to San Francisco

Group travel is an affordable option when exploring a new city. A personal driver is able to drop you off at your chosen destination and pick you up on your watch. With your own private bus rental, you can store your belongings in the luggage bays safely and securely as you are chauffeured to your hotel directly from the venue. Local tours tend to cost a fortune and only last the length of several stops, but a private rental provides you with more for your dollar while serving as a more cost-effective, long-term, and environmentally friendly solution. Call us at (415) 226-7853 to book your premiere bus rental service.

415-226-7853 Our agents are available 24/7