Professional, Experienced Drivers

When you’re traveling, nothing is as important as safety. And nothing affects your safety more than your driver. At National Charter Bus, we only work with transportation providers who hire fully accredited and thoroughly vetted drivers. Keep reading to learn more about how we regulate the drivers in our network to help you and your group reach your destination safely.

Basic Driver Qualifications

Every charter bus driver we work with must have a Commercial Driver’s License with Passenger Endorsement. They must also pass the following tests:

  • Background check

  • Drug and alcohol test

  • Physical examination

  • Vision test

  • Hearing test

Please note that the transportation companies we work with administer the tests and set the standards for their drivers. However, National Charter Bus only works with providers who ensure their drivers are healthy enough to safely operate a charter bus and don’t have a history of substance use while driving.

Additional Skills and Qualifications

Many of the providers we work with require skills from drivers that go beyond the basics, such as multiple years of experience driving large vehicles or additional written and performance exams. If you’d like to know what qualifications a specific driver has, just call us at 1-844-755-0510 and we’ll get that information for you.

We can also connect you with drivers who have specific skills. For example, if you’re planning a military function, we can find a driver who has the appropriate security clearance. If you’d feel more comfortable with a driver who knows a certain city well, we’ll do our best to locate someone who has driven in the region before. Of course, whether you can have a driver who meets your qualifications depends on availability, but we will always do our best to accommodate your group.

We also value punctuality, and we ask all drivers who drive with us to arrive 15 minutes early at all pick-up locations. If your driver isn’t on time to pick you up, let us know and we’ll work with the provider to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

You and Your Driver

We expect the drivers in our network to provide excellent customer service by driving safely, being punctual and treating all passengers with respect. There are also a few things you can do as a passenger to ensure you and your driver both have a great experience.

  • Book a hotel room for your driver if you’re going on an overnight trip. Drivers need 8 hours of sleep for every 10 hours they drive.

  • If you’re riding with kids, remind them to remain seated while the bus is in motion to avoid distracting the driver (unless there’s an on-board restroom they need to use.)

  • Bring a cash tip of 10-15% to give your driver at the end of the trip. Although tipping isn’t required, we highly recommend it.

If you ever feel like your driver isn’t providing the level of service you need, just let us know. We want you, your group, and your driver to all have an excellent experience. Have any other questions about the drivers in our network? Call us at 1-844-755-0510 and we’ll be happy to answer them.