Rent A Band Tour Bus in Atlanta

Atlanta musicians and entertainers hitting the road will need a comfortable tour bus rental. That’s where National Charter Bus comes in. We work with transportation providers nationwide to give touring bands the city-to-city coverage they need. We’ll book your band an Atlanta tour bus rental that's sure to keep everyone comfortable for the long haul. Whether you’re a small act or a large band hauling heavy equipment, our team will help you find the best tour transportation in Atlanta and beyond. Call 404-400-1914 to learn more about tour bus rental pricing and other available group transportation services in Atlanta.

404-400-1914 Our agents are available 24/7
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Comfortable Tour Bus Rentals in Atlanta

No matter the length of your tour or the size of your group, the National Charter Bus team will ensure you have the right type of trout transportation to keep everyone comfortable. Since we work with a large network of charter bus rental providers, entertainers will have a variety of bus rentals to choose from. From compact minibuses for small, short-term tours to spacious sleeper buses for large acts going on nationwide tours, our experienced team has you covered. Every vehicle will be operated by a professional bus driver and your band will travel right according to schedule throughout your tour.

404-400-1914 Our agents are available 24/7

Atlanta Tour Bus Rental Options

The National Charter Bus network includes spacious entertainer or sleeper buses, by request.  These spacious rentals are usually recommended for large tour groups headed on long tours. You'll have access to sleeping areas, a kitchenette, and a bathroom with a shower. With a fully-loaded tour bus, your team can skip unnecessary pit stops to stay on schedule between cities. If you’re looking for a compact vehicle and don’t need a hotel on wheels, we’ll find you the right 18-passenger or 25-passenger minibus rental.

Premium Amenities for Atlanta Band Tours

When you’re on the road for hours at a time, having some entertainment and tech amenities are important. National Charter Bus offers vehicles that are equipped with amenities like WiFi, power outlets, USB ports, and flatscreen TVs. Pass the time traveling to tour spots in Nashville or Charlotte by working on new music or streaming your favorite shows. Your team won’t need to worry about low batteries on phones or laptops. Plug into your bus’s ports and stay connected throughout your entire trip.

Comfortable Interiors for Touring Groups

As easy as hopping in a van may be for small-scale tours, your band and roadies will likely feel cramped after a leg of driving. Stretch out and unwind in a spacious tour bus rental instead. You’ll have plush seating and plenty of legroom on most models of buses. If your big tour group opts for an entertainer bus rental, your vehicle will be outfitted with sleeper bunks for 8 to 12 people. Although a sleeper bus isn’t as spacious as a full-blown hotel, your team will have the much-needed option to rest on the road.

Book an Atlanta Band Tour Bus

If you have any questions about renting a bus, a National Charter Bus rental expert will be available to answer them. Call us at 404-400-1914 to learn more about our Atlanta tour bus rental services. Wherever your tour takes you in the country, we'll make sure you have the best transportation all tour long.