We Value Your Trust

Planning a group trip comes with enough stressors and “what-ifs.” But your passengers’ safety while on the road should not be one of them. We at National Charter Bus strive to put passengers first, so everyone has a safe, reliable, and comfortable ride—no matter the destination or occasion.

Here are a few ways we go the extra mile to secure travelers’ safety:


COVID-19 Precautions

Traveling looks a bit different nowadays, especially for large groups on the move. You can trust National Charter Bus to ensure your group travel plans during the COVID-19 pandemic are as safe as possible.

First and foremost, every ride in our network is cleaned between trips, with high-touch surfaces regularly sanitized. Also, you can expect your driver to be masked up and symptom-free before taking the wheel. Our team will work with you to enforce any onboard protocols that will give you and your passengers peace of mind—from mask mandates and temperature checks to staggered seating arrangements and hand-sanitizing stations throughout your bus rental.

Read more about how we’re keeping passengers and drivers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Thoroughly Vetted Providers and Partners

You are the company you keep—which is why we only work with respectable charter bus providers and experienced motorcoach drivers.

All of our partners have received the highest possible safety rating from the FMCSA and glowing customer ratings and reviews. Rest assured that charter bus companies that have a record of vehicle breakdowns, multiple late pickups, or negative reviews regarding drivers and fleet quality are not allowed to operate in our network.

In addition, your personal charter bus driver will be a trained professional with plenty of experience behind the wheel. Private drivers must pass a series of background checks, have a clean driving record, and undergo months of training before becoming a part of the National Charter Bus network.


Charter Bus Maintenance

Nothing ruins a group trip faster than breaking down on the side of the road. Not to worry—professionals in our network inspect minibus and charter bus rentals before each and every trip.

You can trust that your bus has the optimal engine oil, tire pressure, tire tread, and whistle-clean electrical equipment before everyone climbs aboard. And since charter buses in our network undergo routine preventative maintenance and we strive to work with providers who offer up-to-date fleets from reliable bus manufacturers, your group will be set up for success with a limited chance of a breakdown.


Secure and Transparent Payments

When it comes to pricing, we believe in total transparency. That means that when you call and receive a personalized quote from one of our representatives, the price you hear will be the final price of your bus rental plan—period. No hidden fees or additional bills after your trip wraps up.

And when it’s time to pay for your rental through an online checkout link or over the phone, know that your information is safe and secure with us. Paying for your trip through our online portal is the safest way to book your bus rental. Double-check that you’ve received an official National Charter Bus invoice and confirm the cost with your sales representative, and you’ll be ready to pay off your balance. Our team will never store your payment or credit card information, so there should be no additional charges after your final payment.


24/7 Customer Support

Have a question about your charter bus rental? Last-minute changes to your itinerary? Issues with your driver or rental vehicle? We want to hear about it, and we’d be happy to help resolve any travel problems that arise.

Our booking and operations teams are available around the clock to take your call and assist you with your reservation, pair you with the ideal bus for your amenity requests, and answer any questions you might have about available bus types, your quote, or anything else related to transportation.


Easy Accessibility

If you’re traveling with folks who have mobility concerns, just ask your representative about booking a bus that’s ADA-compliant—one that includes a lift, wide aisleways, handrails throughout the cabin, and places to secure mobility devices while the bus is in motion. As long as we are given 48 hours’ advance notice, we should be able to source a comfortable ride for you at no additional cost.

Also, registered emotional support and service animals are always allowed on charter bus rentals. Just be sure to provide an ESA letter or service animal certification to your sales rep before your trip.


National Charter Bus is here for you.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, check out our FAQ page for more information. Otherwise, feel free to call us at 1-844-755-0510, and our 24/7 support team can help you to the best of their ability! Our goal is to make group travel as easy, stress-free, and reliable as possible—so let us know what we can do to ensure every passenger travels with peace of mind.