Shuttle Services for Employees

Considering a corporate shuttle service to take your employees to and from work? Let National Charter Bus take the wheel. With our large network of motorcoaches and 24-hour reservation team, we provide daily transportation services for workers tailored to businesses big and small. That way, everyone arrives like clockwork when it’s time to clock in—all on your own schedule and at a predictable price point.

Ready to set up a shuttle service in your city? Learn more about shuttle services for employees in Washington DCNew York CityBostonChicago, and San Francisco, or call our team at 1-844-755-0510 to learn how we can transport your employees in any city. 

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Safe and Sanitary

We know many employees are apprehensive to commute via public transit in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, providing them a private shuttle service can be a safer alternative to making them navigate crowded subways, trains, and public buses.

Reserve shuttle services for your employees, and you have total control over the safety measures your company takes while en route. You decide how many people board each bus, how far apart they sit, whether face masks are required, and whether a temperature check is necessary before boarding. We can ensure that your driver wears proper PPE, that all surfaces are regularly sanitized before and after trips, and that hand sanitizer is provided, so your employees can feel safe and confident riding to and from work.

Why Your Business Needs a Private Shuttle Service

Custom Routes and Fleets.

Nothing puts a damper on your workweek like missing a train or running late to a morning meeting due to rush hour traffic. With a National Charter Bus corporate shuttle service, you set the routes, schedule, and number of vehicles your company needs—no more waiting around for a train or stressing over the fastest route to work. Create a transportation plan that works for your employees, and your bus will go wherever you want it to go, whenever you want it to go. No matter what.

Productivity Boosts.

Laptop die mid-meeting? Forget to send that one last email before heading home? We’ve all been there—but now you don’t have to be. Boost your employees’ productivity by requesting onboard WiFi and individual power outlets so they can stay connected and charged while on the road.

Comfort and Ease.

Help your employees mentally prepare for the workday and unwind afterward by providing amenities they simply won’t find on your average public transit system or in a carpool. They can catch up on podcasts and the news over onboard WiFi, store their briefcases and gym bags in the overhead storage bins, and stretch out in a plush, reclining seat—all available upon request. With the woes of navigating roadways, transferring bus stops, and hopping trains behind them, your employees are sure to arrive refreshed and ready to get down to business!

Draw in Quality Talent.

When it comes to headhunting and recruiting for your business, you should always be looking for ways to stand out. Establishing a shuttle service for your employees is a great way to show new talent that you care about their wellbeing and quality of life. If they know they won’t have to drive or rely on public transit to get to work, prospects may be more willing to give your company the chance it deserves.

Reliable Shuttles for Your Employees

Whether your company needs a couple of shuttles for an offsite meeting or a long term contract for an ongoing shuttle service, you can trust National Charter Bus to make creating a  transportation plan easy. Our 24/7 reservation team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right bus for your company, planning your routes and stops, and receiving a free, no-obligation quote personalized to your bus rental needs.

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