Get a Charter Bus Quote
from National Charter Bus

Traveling with a group can be an amazing experience, but organizing the transportation can be stressful. At National Charter Bus, our professional sales representatives are available 24/7 to walk you through the process of finding the right charter bus at the right price.

Before you call to book your bus, it helps to to know what information you’ll need to make the booking go smoothly. So keep reading to learn more about the process of getting a personalized charter bus quote, and when you’re ready, contact our team at 1-844-755-0510.


Step 1: Craft your itinerary

You have the freedom to build a personalized itinerary when you work with National Charter Bus. Before you call us, make sure you’ve written down:

-A schedule that includes the dates you’ll be traveling

-All of your destinations with addresses

-The time you would like to arrive at each destination

-The time you would like to leave each destination

Although we try to be flexible, we can’t get an accurate charter bus quote until we know which cities you’re visiting and which specific destinations you’ll be stopping at within those cities. You can always call us back if you discover you need to make a schedule change—just know it may affect your quote. And don’t worry about figuring out routes and parking. That’s what we’re here for!

Step 2: Know who’s going

You’ll need a headcount when you call so we can figure out which size of bus is best for you. We can accommodate almost any group, from 16-person wedding parties who only need a single minibus to 110-person school groups who need two full-sized charter buses.

When you tell us how many people you’re bringing, make sure you also let us know about any special requirements your group has. For example, if you’re escorting a group of kids and you only have two adult chaperones, we’ll make sure we don’t put you on three minibuses.

Step 3: Request any accessible amenities you need

Let us know if you or someone in your group has a disability so we can find an ADA-accessible bus for you. ADA-accessible charter buses don’t cost extra, so requesting one won't affect your charter bus quote. 

The accessible buses in our network include features like a lift, wider aisles, and designated seating areas for wheelchair users. For those who don’t use a wheelchair but still have limited mobility, the buses offer railings along the stairs and in the onboard bathroom.

We can also provide amenities that are not ADA-regulated but that can help people with disabilities or chronic illnesses be more comfortable. Reclining seats and overhead storage space ensure everyone has plenty of legroom, and climate control keeps the bus a comfortable temperature.

If you have questions or think you’ll need features not listed here, make sure you ask our representative when you call.

Step 4: Decide which extra amenities you want

a white charter bus with the logo for national charter bus on the sideThe buses in our network include a wide range of amenities, but every bus doesn’t have every feature. For example, minibuses tend not to have storage space underneath the bus or onboard restrooms. So if there are amenities you’re certain your group will need, mention them to our representative when you call for your quote. 

Amenity requests may or may not affect your charter bus quote, so be sure to mention everything you might want so that we can give you an accurate estimate. 

Some of the more popular amenities guests request include free WiFi, power outlets, and flat-screen TVs. Free WiFi is ideal if you want to check email or stream Netflix without blowing all your data while you’re on the road—and if you’re going to stream multiple episodes of Great British Baking Show or Stranger Things, you probably need those power outlets to keep your battery charged.

Traveling with kids? Having a flat-screen TV so you can put on a movie might be a life-saver. Overhead storage space for backpacks and on-board restrooms will also make your life a lot easier. Decide which amenities you need, and write them all down so you don’t forget to mention any when you call.

Step 5: Get your charter bus quote

Once you have a detailed itinerary, a headcount, and a list of both accessible and general amenities you need, call our 24/7 team at 1-844-755-0510. One of our reservation agents will go over all the details of your trip with you and then search for the right bus rental in our network. They’ll give you a personalized quote by phone and by email while you’re on the phone with them.

Step 6: Confirm your trip

If you like the quote we give you, you’ll need to put down a deposit to reserve your bus rental. Most of our partners require 30% of your total cost for a deposit, though this could vary. Once you get your quote, let us know if you’d like to book with us and we’ll let you know exactly how much to pay.

Most charter bus providers also require you to pay in full 30 days before your trip begins. We’ll tell you what date your full payment is due when you confirm your booking. If you’re reserving a bus less than 30 days before your trip, you may have to pay the full price up front. We’ll let you know that as well.

Still feeling a little overwhelmed by the booking process? Feel free to call one of our 24-hour representatives and ask any questions you may have. And don’t panic if you successfully make your reservation and then realize you need changes. We’ll be there at 1-844-755-0510 throughout your entire booking process, from the moment you request a quote to the moment your bus drops you off at home. Give us a call today.