Charter a Bus to Historic Wrigley Field in Chicago

If Wrigley Field doesn’t rank high on your ballpark list, it should! Home of the Chicago Cubs, this ballpark is more than a place to watch major-league baseball. Since its founding in 1914, the historic stadium has set the grounds for modern Chicago sports and culture. Only the man who purchased the Cubs, Weeghman himself, could've known that what was once dubbed “Weeghman Park” or “the park that lost its league” would later become the Cubs’ home field. Chicago’s National League Team is now inextricably tied to the city’s history and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world who want to experience a day in this famed ballpark. 

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Exterior, street-level view of Wrigley Field with a crowd of fans entering for a baseball game

Plan a Day at the Ballpark: Wrigley Field

If you’re touring around Chicago and you’re not sure what to do next, put this landmark on your must-see list! In the meantime, follow along with our suggestions on what to do while bussing to a Chicago sports game! Whether you’re planning a school field trip to a Cubs game or simply taking a group tour of Wrigley Field, we’re here to gather your students, family, or friends in a comfortable charter bus or private shuttle before or after the big game! This makes planning your sports trip to Chicago from other major cities like St. Louis, Indianapolis, or Detroit a short bus trip away.

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Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Trips to the Park

When you visit the home of the Cubs, you can expect your day to be spent eating peanuts, sporting your favorite baseball cap, and taking a photo in front of the famous Wrigley Field marquee. However, you can also expect heavy traffic outside of the home gates, long ticket fare lines, and limited parking within the event space. Skip carpooling to your next game and eliminate the chances of fans or team members getting lost along the way. Keep members comfortable instead of transporting members in cramped vehicles without enough space for important gear or equipment. No matter the distance, our team of transportation professionals will help you secure travel arrangements for your sports team or group of dedicated Cubs fans. Don’t take the chance of being late to your first Cubs game and come prepared with your baseball cap and sports bus ready to go. You won’t want to miss a second of Wrigley Field’s Chicago Cubs playing for their spot in the world series!

We specialize in transporting groups of all sizes to sporting events all across Chicago. Once you plan the ins and outs of your Chicago getaway, we’ll put together a fleet just for you, ensuring that players, coaches, staff members, fans, and guests can all travel comfortably to the next Cubs game or event. If you’re traveling with a smaller group of fans, we recommend scheduling a compact minibus for a cost-effective alternative to public transportation. However, if you’re traveling with a large team, you may want to invest in a full-sized motorcoach model that can accommodate your team members with added legroom and storage space for optimal comfort. 

Easy Travel to the Next Big Cubs Game

a panoramic view of wrigley field from up and behind home plate

If you’re traveling with a baseball team, your players will be able to relax on the road with a wide variety of comfortable bus amenities. We pair each team with a custom model with plenty of legroom, so your athletes can stretch out with their personal belongings and enjoy the ride to the ballpark. Team members can also request on-board WiFi, outlet plug-ins, and televisions with DVD players for an entertaining ride to the game. That way, your sports team can safely stow away equipment and luggage in the spacious storage bays underneath all full-sized models, while keeping carry-on items out of the aisles in the overhead racks above the seats. Load all your gear onto your private bus and we’ll handle the rest!

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about what makes the games so special: the dedicated fans! If you’re traveling with a group of fans, you may find that you will need a different set of features along for the ride. Fans traveling to a sporting event can store all their tailgating necessities and enjoy climate-controlled cabins before partying it up in the Chicago Cubs lots. There will be plenty of space for coolers, tents, and party gear to host the perfect tailgate before the big game! If your group requires any additional amenities for a long-distance sports trip, one of our reservation specialists will work with you to find a bus that perfectly suits your unique requests.

Explore Wrigley Field Attractions By Bus 

Baseball Field Trip to Wrigley Field

Wondering what else you can plan at the iconic Cubs' stadium? Wrigley Field has a good number of private spaces you can rent out to watch the game with your favorite food and beverage. You can rent out these spaces for private events with your group of fans, school or volunteer field trips, corporate outings, wedding receptions, and more. These are perfect spaces to plan parties and meetings, non-gameday events, or book single-game suite packages. If you’re a season ticket holder and are looking for prime time Chicago Cubs seats and a premier game-day experience, you’ll want to check out these local event spaces, so you and your group of party planners can rent out Wrigley Field in style.

Secure Your Ballpark Bus to Wrigley Field

Ready to make a home run and plan your trip to Wrigley Field? All roads lead to Chicago, so become a part of some of the loudest moments in Wrigley Field history with a ballpark bus ready to pick you up on call! We’ll make it our mission to build your dream trip to Chicago by streamlining your travel to the city’s prized National League team. See the game in action outside of your TV network and secure your ride to a Cubs game at the historic Wrigley Field. Our team is available 24 hours a day at 312-392-0239 for your convenience. Book your bus with a professional to one of the finest and most renowned MLB stadiums in the world.