Charter a Bus to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Founded in 1900, the Museum of Nature & Science has been a popular Denver attraction for over 100 years. This learning center offers many creative ways for children to get enthusiastic about science education and learning, taking students back through history with 3D dioramas and staggering replicas of ancient life. This three-story-tall museum is a cornerstone of Denver's cultural experience and scientific achievements, as it is home to numerous kid-friendly activities, learning programs, historic collections, life-like exhibits, and more. Experience the rich history and tradition of the world through this museum’s staggering reproduction of archaic life on earth and uncover history with dinosaur skeletons, animal exhibits, and expeditions. 

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The glass exterior entrance of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Plan Your Excursion to Denver’s Top Museum

If you’re planning an excursion to Denver, this museum is a tourist favorite due to its history and unique exhibits. Whether you’re planning a school field trip to Denver’s top museums or planning a private event with an organization, we’ve got your back with a private driver at your service. A private shuttle will whisk everyone into town so visitors can experience the rich history and tradition of the Colorado suburbs. Providing easy access to Denver and all of the surrounding downtown area is our specialty. School field trips, business conferences, wedding services, sports outings, and more are all made simpler with a private coach. 

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Take a Road Trip to the Mile-High City

Taking unreliable rideshares like Uber or Lyft can get expensive for larger groups traveling from the Denver International Airport. Additionally, traveling on public transit from nearby cities is often an unreliable, costly, and time-consuming option when compared with a private travel method. Not only does a charter bus ride provide visitors with a reliable travel solution, but it also grants travelers with the invaluable freedom to explore freely along their journey, making the ride a part of the adventure. Touring the city in a Denver shuttle allows passengers to move seamlessly through popular attractions while taking advantage of photo ops at their leisure. This significantly eliminates individual transit costs, while also saving travelers from the daily hassles of city parking and traffic.

Don’t let travel planning distract from the field trip fun! Ditch the old-fashioned school bus and reserve your ride with a professional travel team so you’ll have a private driver on-call for pickup and drop-off on your time and schedule. With your itinerary in hand, you can pioneer your way through the most popular museum in the city and around the Denver area seamlessly. Plan ahead to determine hours of operation, admission prices, guest list, and trip distance, and we’ll handle the rest. As a first step, follow along with these tips on how to plan your Denver travel to top museums and exhibits, so you can get the most out of your trip.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science Exhibits

an interior view of the denver museum of nature and science, with an open atrium and tables

Planning a visit to Denver’s most popular museum? Explore its top exhibits to uncover the museum’s secrets and discover why this landmark has become a cornerstone of Denver’s culture and scientific achievements. Whether you’re traveling with a group of future paleontologists looking to dive into the past at the Prehistoric Journey exhibit, or you’re with a group of space lovers who just want to blast off into the Space Odyssey exhibit, we’ll help you get the most out of your visit. If you don’t know where to start, let your imagination run wild in the museum’s top exhibits .

Must-See Museum Exhibits :

Expedition Health

Explore the fascinating inner workings of the human body at Expedition Health, the museum’s newest and hottest permanent exhibit. Here, students can learn through many interactive programs the way in which your body reacts to its surroundings. This exhibit provides students with fun hands-on activities and demonstrations as they uncover the mysteries of science.

Space Odyssey

Blast off into space at Space Odyssey to learn about the mysteries of the universe! Observe life on Mars without ever having to leave your seat! Peer into the depths of space travel in scavenger hunts revealing hidden symbols of the cosmos. This interactive space exhibit allows students to gain a broader perspective on life as the vast universe is theirs for the taking!

Prehistoric Journey

Go back in time with Prehistoric Journey, a detailed exhibit taking you back to the time of dinosaurs. Watch as these ancient creatures come to life in 3D dioramas in shockingly realistic displays. Witness the ferocious creatures as they once stood and teach students the beauty of nature’s design as you observe fossils that are millions of years old. This exhibit provides students with an authentic look at paleontology as they uncover lost secrets of the past.

Egyptian Mummies

an exterior view of the denver museum of nature and science

Discover the mystery of the fascinating world of Ancient Egypt at the Egyptian Mummies Exhibit. Learn all there is to know about tomb artifacts, Egyptian temples, and historic preservation. The exhibit also offers unique displays of tools and outfits as well as ancient manuscript translations so students can learn more about how people lived during the time of Egyptian mummification.

Other Popular Exhibits

Want a better peek into the history of the world? Continue on your journey as you head through many of the museum’s additional displays such as the IMAX Theater Dome, Gates Planetarium, Sky Terrace, and an atrium providing the best view of Denver around. These additional exhibits can also double as private event spaces for groups looking to spend a little more time exploring.

Tour the Best of Denver By Bus

Planning a field trip to the Mile High City? We’ll help you streamline travel to and from Denver so the parking and drop-off schedule isn’t a distraction from your field trip. Fine-tune your travel with National Charter Bus, so we can work with you to find a bus that best suits your needs, from the size of your bus to the trip budget. Confirm your travel details at 303-317-3208 and receive your charter bus quote from National Charter Bus before setting off on your journey!