Rent A Band Tour Bus in New York

In a city as vibrant as New York, live shows and concerts are around every corner. If your band or group of entertainers needs a tour bus in New York City, look no further than National Charter Bus. We’re experts in organizing group transportation services throughout New York and have handled band tour bus rentals for groups of all sizes. Whether you're a smaller act or a big band traveling with an entire team, we’ll help you find the right tour transportation in New York and beyond. A National Charter Bus rental expert will be available 24/7 at 718-233-4974 to help you find the right tour bus for tours kicking off in NYC!

718-233-4974 Our agents are available 24/7
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Choose From a Variety of NYC Tour Bus Options

When you work with National Charter Bus, your band or group of performers will have access to a large network of bus rentals to choose from. So no matter the size of your act or the length of your tour, you’ll have a comfortable and convenient ride. If your band only has a few traveling members and you're looking for a smaller bus for a short tour, we’ll find you a comfortable but compact minibus rental. These buses are conveniently sized to zip around New York City roads and have useful amenities like storage compartments, WiFi, power outlets, and reclining seats. Large acts that need a spacious ride for long tours will be paired with an entertainer bus for the entire crew. Your bus will be equipped with all the comfortable necessities like a bathroom, sleeper bunks, lounge-style seating, and kitchenette areas. Make a list of amenities you’ll need on your tour bus and our team will do their best to book a ride that meets all your needs.

718-233-4974 Our agents are available 24/7

Comfortable Tour Bus Rentals in New York

Touring is usually an exciting time for bands or performers but it’s oftentimes exhausting. Having a comfortable tour bus is a must for everyone to relax and catch up on rest after busy performances. National Charter Bus is dedicated to making sure everyone travels in complete comfort to your show in NYC and throughout your tour. Lounge in reclining seats, on plush couches, or inside a cozy bunk after a long day while professionals handle the transport. Even if you're headed to tour venues in Philadelphia or Boston, your band can count on your professional bus driver for safe transportation while everyone unwinds.

Spacious NYC Tour Bus Rentals

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as rearranging full van trunks over a dozen times, just to realize you don’t have enough space for equipment and luggage. With a tour bus rental, you won’t need to worry. Booking your NYC tour bus service means you’ll have access to spacious entertainer buses and can book additional vehicles if needed. You’ll have plenty of space for equipment in luggage bays beneath the bus and easily accessible storage in the overhead compartment while on the road. Don’t worry about playing Tetris in small vehicles with luggage and expensive equipment. When you call to book your tour bus, let your reservation expert know how much space you’ll need and we’ll pair you with the right-sized vehicle.

Flexible Tour Bus Services in NYC and Beyond

Sometimes, plans change. Shows may be canceled or additional dates may be added. At National Charter Bus, we pride ourselves on top-quality which includes being flexible with our passengers. If your band or group of entertainers has a few changes made to your tour schedule, we’ll work with you to make sure your transportation changes are as smooth as possible. We’ll always notify you of any changes in your bus rental pricing before your tour changes are made.

Convenient Transportation for Tours

If you’re already traveling on a tight tour schedule, making rest stops can easily set you back some time. With an entertainer bus, you can cut down on rest stops to keep your group traveling on time. Skip stopping for food every few hours by storing and preparing simple snacks or meals while on the road. Having an onboard restroom also means fewer stops to rush to the bathroom after long stretches of road.

Book a Band Tour Bus in NYC

Renting a tour bus in NYC starts with getting a free quote. Your rental quote will be personalized to your tour and there’s no obligation to book. Give us a call any time at 718-233-4974 with your tour details and transportation needs. We'll get your quote ready in no time!