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Famously dubbed as one of the wonders of the natural world, the Grand Canyon mesmerizes visitors with its colossal size and distinct geographical beauty. Apart from being a National Park, it maintains a rich history dating back to the Ancestral Puebloans in 1200. It is also the most celebrated attraction in Phoenix, bringing an influx of visitors from all over the world who are eager to witness its magnificence in person. National Charter Bus encourages tourists to visit the Grand Canyon by utilizing group transportation from start to finish. Our reservation team makes the planning process easier by offering assistance with travel itineraries, bus models and providing a customized quote for the journey. If you’re interested in visiting Grand Canyon National Park, call National Charter Bus at 480-626-4711 to book your private charter bus today!

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The southern rim of the Grand Canyon at sunset, viewed from the top looking down at the river below

A World Heritage Site

The Grand Canyon is a precipitous canyon eroded by the Colorado River in Northwestern Arizona over a period of 2 billion years. It covers a vast landscape of 1,218,375 acres across the Colorado Plateau, is 6,000 feet deep at its lowest point, and is 18 miles wide at its widest point. It is one of the most impressive examples of arid-land erosion and is one of the most studied regions in the world. It is biologically diverse in terms of its ecosystems as it contains 5 of the 7 life zones and 3 of the 4 desert types in North America. In addition, it is an ecological home to over 1,500 plant, 355 bird, 89 mammal, 47 reptile, 17 fish and 9 amphibian species that are found in the National Park.

480-626-4711 Our agents are available 24/7

Visit the Grand Canyon with National Charter Bus

Being a premier attraction, the Grand Canyon attracts over 5 million visitors from all over the world each year. It is the perfect place to explore for university trips, sports marathons or weddings. Whether you’re a group of Environmental Science majors from Arizona State University, or a couple eager to get married on a natural treasure, National Charter Bus can handle your group transportation logistics with ease.

Before you begin planning your trip to the canyon, dip into a wide selection of bus models available for you to book at a moment’s notice. Our transportation network offers 56-, 25-, 20- and 18-passenger buses. This flexible arrangement allows groups of any size to be seated comfortably, with ample space to stretch during long trips. Pick and choose a variety of luxury amenities to suit your group’s needs during your day-cation to the Grand Canyon. Options include free WiFi, electrical outlets, on-board AV entertainment, a high-tech sound system, PA equipment and even a compact restroom at the back of the bus.

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The National Park in its Entirety

The Grand Canyon can be observed from various points throughout the National Park, which are the South Rim, Grand Canyon West, Grand Canyon East and the North Rim. All these locations are listed in order of popularity, with the South region being the most frequented spot.

South Rim

The South Rim is considered to be the “true Grand Canyon”. It is the location where you can admire the panoramic views of the rock formations extending far into the distance and is also the place where you can experience the essence of the Canyon from two dozen viewpoints-- a picture-perfect view for those annual christmas cards. It is also easily accessible by major cities such as Phoenix and Las Vegas. Since it is the most popular spot, there is lots to do for families as a whole. Activities include the Scenic Canyon River Adventure, the Inner Canyon tour to the bottom and a hiking trip in and around the attraction.

People rafting in Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon West

Grand Canyon West is not part of the National Park since it’s located on the Hualapai Indian Tribal Lands. It is, however, the second most popular location near the park and welcomes over 1 million visitors annually. The main attraction in this area is The Glass Skywalk, which is a glass bridge towering over 70 feet above the Grand Canyon. If you peer down, you can see an endless stretch of ancient rock strata painting the horizon with its rich red hues.

Grand Canyon East

Grand Canyon East is home to the exquisite Little Colorado River Tribal Park and the Horseshoe Bend. The former offers spectacular views of the river gorge, while the latter allows you to snap a selfie with the crystal blue waters of the Colorado River in the background, which isn’t possible from any other rim. Activities in this area include boat tours and rafting trips.

North Rim

Unlike the South Rim, the North Rim isn’t as popular and receives around 1/10th of the visitation. However, despite the low tourist population, it is still extraordinarily beautiful. It is surrounded by lush Ponderosa Pine trees, with a magnificent view of the rock peaks. It has only 3 major viewpoints, but still hosts a more calming, placid atmosphere amidst the greenery of the Kaibab National Forest. There is not much for visitors to do besides camping, hiking and participate in ranger-led programs. It is a place to sit back, relax and reflect on Adirondack chairs with your loved ones.

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Day Trips to The Grand Canyon

From the crack of dawn until the sun sets is usually the best time to explore the Grand Canyon. When the gorge is highlighted by the sun’s rays, it is only then when the vivid colors, golden skyline and deep rock indentations can be truly appreciated. In order to make this day trip a reality, National Charter Bus can help you plan your itinerary as soon as today. We accommodate a range of trip types and group sizes-- no crowd is too small or large for our transportation service.

Man sitting in Grand Canyon

University Trips

The Grand Canyon is the prime spot for Environmental Science students seeking to learn more about Mother Nature’s role in planet Earth’s geological history. National Charter Bus can provide transportation for students and staff who want to spend a day discovering the nooks and crannies of the Canyon. The 18-passenger minibus is the best choice for this trip, as it is compact and can seat everyone comfortably. The professor will not need to walk through a neverending aisle of bus seats, but instead, can address all the students in one go using the bus’s personal PA system. In addition, the students can store their book bags and lunch boxes in the overhead cabins, while utilizing the extra leg room to stretch on their long trip. The free WiFi on board is helpful if students have assignments to complete, or simply want to document their journey to and from the world heritage site.

National Charter Bus recommends visiting the South or the North Rim for students who are planning on studying rock structures for long periods of time. The South Rim offers the stunning views and archaeological history that will be fascinating to observe, while the North Rim offers a thorough perspective of the forest, alongside an extensive variety of plants and animal species. At the South Rim, your bus driver can drop you off at Lot 1 at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center, while at the North Rim you can get dropped off at the Grand Canyon Lodge or North Rim campground.

Sports Marathons

One of the most popular activities at the Grand Canyon is the annual marathon. The race duration and location varies each year, but one thing stays the same-- it provides viewers with a blissful view of the changing scenery, from the green forest to the red rock formations. National Charter Bus can provide several travel options based on the group size of the participants. We recommend the 20-passenger minibus as it is a safe option to navigate through the winding forest service roads. Each runner can store their duffle bags and gallons of water in the luggage cabins on the bus, ensuring that everyone is well-hydrated before the hectic sprint. Furthermore, the climate-controlled environment onboard will guarantee a cool, fresh space for runners to relax in.


Unsurprisingly, the Grand Canyon is also an attractive location to host weddings. The event can be held at several locations, such as the South Rim, North Rim, East Rim, and more. National Charter Bus can provide wedding transportation services for your guests to any of the above locations. The 25-passenger charter bus is an acceptable option for most wedding properties at the Canyon and can safely escort every guest to and from the chosen event site. If you choose the South Rim as a potential spot to get married, the bus driver can drop your guests off at the historic El Tovar where the stage will be decorated in an Old West theme. If you choose to go with the North Rim, get dropped off at Point Imperial or even the Cape Royal Amphitheater. Each venue is the perfect spot for smaller weddings, where you can convey your love whilst connecting with nature. Every guest can store their belongings on the bus, where it will remain untouched and safe from harm. The AV system will provide pre-wedding entertainment while the on-board restroom is a good addition for last minute touch-ups! Don’t forget to get an NPS Special Use Permit, which is required for all outdoor weddings at the Grand Canyon.

River in Grand Canyon

Reserve Your Private Shuttle to the Grand Canyon

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