Charter Bus Rentals to the USS Midway Museum

If you’re planning a trip to San Diego, be sure to immerse yourself in American history by visiting the USS Midway Museum at Navy Pier. The historic ship offers a unique experience by giving visitors a look into maritime activity over the years. Visiting the museum is perfect for groups of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re planning to visit with a school group, for a private family vacation, or even for a unique wedding reception, you can count on National Charter Bus for the best group transportation possible. We provide motorcoach services throughout the San Diego Bay area for groups of all types and for various occasions. Call us at 619-344-0549 to speak with one of our rental experts about your upcoming group trip to the USS Midway Museum.

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View of San Diego skyline with the USS Midway docked in front of it
The exterior of the USS Midway Museum

About the USS Midway Museum

The USS Midway Museum is comprised of the famous Naval aircraft carrier Midway and a large collection of restored maritime aircraft. Midway launched in 1945, immediately after the end of World War II, and served as a major aircraft carrier for the US Navy during the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm, and various other military endeavors. During the time of its launch, Midway reigned as the largest ship in the world, being able to carry over 130 aircraft and requiring over 4,000 officers and men to operate.

After operating for an unprecedented 47 years, sailing the open seas, and serving as a home to over 200,000 sailors, Midway was decommissioned in 1992. Midway ranked among the longest-serving ships of the 20-century and remained docked in Washington D.C. for years before embarking to San Diego’s Navy Pier. In 2004, Midway moored in its final resting place along Navy Pier and opened as the nation’s largest museum dedicated to naval aviation. The museum is now one of San Diego’s most popular attractions, welcoming nearly 1.5 million visitors annually. With over 30 restored aircraft and 60 exhibits onboard, this unique piece of history is hailed as being one of the country’s best museums alongside the Met and National WWII Museum.

619-344-0549 Our agents are available 24/7

Academic Trips to the Museum

The USS Midway Museum welcomes around 50,000 K-8 students every year to participate in onboard school programs focusing on science, math, engineering, and various other academic subjects. The Midway Education Programs offers extensive opportunities that focus on inspiring and educating young visitors. Self-guided audio tours attract even more students annually, stepping aboard the ship to learn about its long and rich history along with the many aircraft it’s carried. Students and youth groups can take advantage of discounted admission rates for groups with ten or more visitors.

If you’re traveling with a school group or youth group, booking transportation with National Charter Bus San Diego will give each student an upgraded travel experience. A full-sized charter bus offers an even better travel experience when compared to old, traditional school buses. Instead of cracking, uncomfortable seats, students will travel in plush, reclining seats and climate-controlled cabins. The buses in our network can even include additional features like televisions with DVD players and WiFi to keep little ones entertained. Students will arrive to the museum safely, comfortably, and in a timely fashion.

Private Group Tours

Up close image of an aircraft on the USS Midway flight deckNon-affiliated groups planning to tour the museum can explore Midway with a private docent-led tour. These tours are perfect for large groups looking for an even more informative experience on the ship. Around 800 volunteers lend their time to the museum each year, many of whom served in the US Navy and some having served aboard Midway. The private docent tours last for around one hour and are open to large groups six days a week. This tour option is best for groups of history and maritime enthusiasts desiring a unique perspective beyond the standard audio tour. Exhibits and activities aboard the Midway are generally split into three sections: the hangar deck, flight deck, and below deck. With over 60 exhibits and 30 aircraft, experiencing every part of the carrier is said to take at least four hours.

Taking a trip to the museum with a group of friends, family, or colleagues can be simplified with a personal 18-passenger minibus rental. Parking directly at Navy Pier can get tricky for groups traveling with multiple cars, especially during busy days over the weekend and summer months. National Charter Bus offers passengers access to a wide range of minibus models that can accommodate 18, 20, and 25 people. Your group can leave the driving and parking up to a professional while you enjoy your time at the museum. Once everyone is done with the docent-led tour, you can continue exploring the rest of the museum or even have your professional driver shuttle your group to explore the rest of San Diego.

Host a Unique Event

Along with functioning as a maritime museum, the USS Midway is also a popular venue for private events like military ceremonies, weddings, and business gatherings. The ship doesn’t have a traditional ballroom but there are several venue spaces on board that can accommodate events with up to 4000 guests. Host a large ceremony atop the ship’s expansive flight deck or plan a reception inside the ship’s hangar deck with restored aircraft as a unique backdrop.

Large-scale events with thousands of guests can easily cause a parking or traffic issue around the museum. Providing designated shuttles for guests will help keep the area clear and streamline the schedule for your entire event. Our rental experts will help you build a custom fleet of buses to meet the travel needs for your group of guests.

Book Your Transportation to the USS Midway Museum

Your trip to the USS Midway Museum and around the rest of San Diego will be a smooth and seamless journey with transportation from National Charter Bus. Groups of all sizes will find a charter bus or minibus to meet their needs throughout their entire San Diego trip. Our rental experts are available 24/7 at 619-344-0549 to assist you in organizing your transportation to the USS Midway Museum and beyond.