Shuttle Service for Employees in Boston

If you’re considering ways to improve your company’s workday, establishing a private employee shuttle service is a great place to start. Not only will it provide seamless transportation around Boston, offsite meetings, or any work event, but you can rest easy knowing your employees will arrive wherever they need to be, whenever they need to be there.

When you need reliable employee shuttles for your business, consider National Charter Bus your go-to provider. Our bus rental plan, all at a predictable price with no hidden fees.

Call 617-275-8102 to reserve a corporate shuttle service for employees in Boston or anywhere else in Massachusetts. We’ll even offer a personalized, no-obligation quote for your employee shuttle service—free of charge!

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Private Commuter Transportation

If you’ve ever had a long commute, you know firsthand how stressful it can be. Boston ians living in areas like Back Bay or Fenway-Kenmore can catch the T relatively easily but those who live out in the suburbs don’t have it as easy. The commute to Boston from neighborhoods like Belmont or Braintree can really ruin someone’s morning. Between the bumper-to-bumper traffic, bus transfers, and early-morning scrambles to catch the T, it’s no surprise your employees may arrive at work tired, unprepared, and stressed out.

Rather than having them start the day on the wrong foot, book a private employee shuttle to ease their commute. We’ll pick them up at the nearest T station, bus stop, or Park & Ride, and transport them directly to the office. No hassles, rideshares, or stressful commutes necessary!

617-275-8102 Our agents are available 24/7

Custom Routes and Fleets

Whether your business runs on a 9-to-5 schedule or needs to cater to a mix of overlapping shift changes, one thing is for certain: a one-size-fits-all transportation plan isn’t going to cut it. That’s why when you book through National Charter Bus, our team will offer a personalized shuttle service for employees. Your shuttles will perfectly suit your business’s schedule and size.

Need simple and efficient transit to your downtown office? The compact minibuses in our network are perfect for maneuvering small businesses and teams through crowded city streets. Or, if you’re looking for larger-scale transit, we’ve got plenty of full-sized charter bus options to suit corporations or large firms. If your large business needs more than one shuttle for employees, we’ll be happy to build you a custom fleet.

Even if you’re drawing in employees from across the city, we’ll work with you to set up as many routes and circuits as you need, all on your schedule. You set an itinerary that works best for your company, and we’ll go the extra mile so that your shuttle service runs as efficiently as possible and reaches employees in every corner of Beantown.

Reliability and Professionalism

To ensure your corporate shuttle plan is as optimal as possible, drivers in our network aim to arrive at every stop at least 10 minutes early. We only work with certified professionals with years of experience and clean driving records, to ensure your employee shuttle is running on-time for your workers to arrive safely and prepared for the workday ahead.

Productivity-Boosting Perks

An employee talks on a cell phone and types on a laptop while riding in a private shuttle bus

Whether it’s answering a few emails before they get to the office or winding down to podcast on the way home, we understand that your employees’ time off the clock is just as valuable as it is on it.

When you call to reserve a shuttle service for employees, be sure to ask about the onboard amenities that will keep your employees comfortable and productive on the road. We can easily pair you with a corporate shuttle bus that has features like free WiFi,  power outlets, reclining seats, and more. Our team can even acquire ADA-compliant coaches with wider aisleways, handrails, and places to secure wheelchairs and other mobility aids—all available upon request at no additional cost.

Your employees will be happier and well-cared-for in the long run, and prospective talent may be more willing to give your company a chance once they learn about the major perks that come with their ride to work.

Long-Term Rental Options

Need transportation for the foreseeable future, but don’t want the hassle of setting up multiple trips? We’re way ahead of you. Ask about our long-term rental contracts when you call to book, and we can establish a reoccurring shuttle service for employees. That way, you can offer private transportation as an ongoing company benefit and ensure safe and reliable employee shuttles for as long as you need it.

Book Your Employee Shuttle Service Today

Whenever you’re ready to simplify your office’s transportation plans, National Charter Bus will be here to help. From the first free quote to the passenger drop-off, you can trust our 24-hour reservation team to find the perfect motorcoach or combination of buses to suit your company’s employee shuttle needs. Call 617-275-8102 today to get started!