Employee Shuttle Services in Chicago

When you’re ready to simplify transportation for your Chicago, Illinois-based company, consider National Charter Bus your go-to provider for efficient employee shuttle services. We have a dedicated 24/7 reservation team and a nationwide network of coaches that can set your business up for success! Call 312-392-0239 today to receive a free, no-obligation quote for your personalized, private shuttle service.

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Commuter Transportation Made Easy

Daily commutes can be a total drag—especially in a sprawling metropolis like The Windy City. The average Chicago commuter will spend 12 full days on the road every year and travel at least 225,000 miles commuting over the course of their career. Devoting so much time to catching the train, assembling a carpool, or navigating rush hour traffic—it’s no wonder many employees arrive at the office frustrated and stressed out.

One way you can ease transportation woes for your Chicago company is to establish a private shuttle service for your employees. With a professional driver behind the wheel and a comfortable, personalized ride at their disposal, your team can start the workday off on the right foot and have a relaxing ride home every day.

312-392-0239 Our agents are available 24/7

Take the Wheel on Your Employees’ Travel

No two businesses are the same. And expecting a 9-to-5 tech startup in the West Loop and an around-the-clock warehouse chain on the edge of town to run the same way just doesn’t make sense.

When you reserve a shuttle for employees through National Charter Bus, we give you the final say on every detail of your corporate shuttle service, from the first pickup of the day to where the final dropoff spot is. That way, you can tailor your transportation to your business’s location and schedule.

Drawing in employees from the suburbs to your downtown office? What about employees in other neighborhoods like Wicker Park, Buck Town, Englewood, or Logan Square? Let us assemble a fleet of compact minibuses that can pick them up from bus stops, train stations, or Park & Rides across the city.

Need an ongoing shuttle circuit to accommodate shift changes at all hours? No problem. Drivers in our network value your time and schedule, so you can trust them to arrive 10 minutes early to every stop—just in case.

Comfort-Minded AmenitiesAn employee commutes to work in Chicago

Chicago public transportation may be the second most advanced in the country, but you can’t say your average CTA rail car is the most comfortable ride. Luckily, our vast network of buses means we can find a vehicle that has all the onboard amenities to make your team’s commute that much better.

With individual power outlets and free onboard WiFi at their fingertips, your employees can read up on the latest industry news, stream music or podcasts, or send out a few quick emails before they even reach the office. And with comfortable, plush seating and compartments to stash their gym bags, backpacks, and briefcases, they’ll be able to stretch out and relax between destinations.

If you need an ADA-compliant motorcoach, just say the word and it’s yours. As long as you give our team 48 hours advance notice, we’ll be able to find a coach with wider aisleways, handrails along the stairs, a wheelchair lift, and plenty of room to store mobility devices—all at no additional cost.

Safe and Sanitary Rides to Work

Mindful of social distancing practices? Let us give your employees peace of mind. With a private shuttle service, you can rest assured that your employees will only come into contact with people they already see day-to-day. Give us a heads up when you call and book, and we can alter your fleet to maximize the number of passengers on each bus and set up a staggered seating arrangement so everyone’s at a safe distance. You determine what safety regulations are put into place on your shuttle service—from mask usage requirements to pre-boarding temperature checks.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

When it comes to making a good impression with prospective talent, a great way to show that you care about your employees is to ease their transportation to and from work. Not only will a less stressful commute lead to happier employees and better retention overall, but an employee shuttle service can be a major perk for potential new hires. Especially if you’re headhunting in the suburbs or towns outside city limits, not having to worry about how they’re going to get to your office every day might just push new recruits to give your company a chance!

Reserve Your Chicago Shuttle for Employees Today

Whenever you decide to make day-to-day transportation for your business easier, National Charter Bus is here to help. We’ll be more than happy to establish a long-term service rental at a fixed price point that best suits your business’s size, schedule, and needs. Our 24-hour reservation specialists are always available to work out the details of your rental, answer any questions you may have, and offer a quick and hassle-free quote for your tailor-made shuttle plans. Call 312-392-0239 today to get started!