Shuttle Service for Employees in New York

Between packed subways and crowded roads, getting to work can be a pain for many New Yorkers. Companies can simplify their employees’ commute by providing a shuttle to and from the workplace. National Charter Bus offers customized employee shuttle services to meet the needs of NYC companies of all sizes. Easily organize a private shuttle service at a set price by calling 718-233-4974!

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Improve the Workday with Employee Shuttles

New York’s extensive public transportation system generally makes commuting easier than it is in other major cities. Although hopping on the subway can be easy, it isn’t always quick—especially if you’re entering the Big Apple from other boroughs like the Bronx or Staten Island. The average commuter in New York City spends around 58 minutes commuting every day. This can be a draining amount of time to sit on the subway, on a bus, or in the car before and after work.

Instead of crowding onto the train or sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic in  Manhattan, reserve a corporate shuttle service for employees so your colleagues will have a professional driver handling the roads and a spacious charter bus to stretch out in. Request shuttles with WiFi and power outlets so they can catch up on news, podcasts, and music or get a jumpstart on a work project on their way into Manhattan. They can even get some shuteye in the bus’s reclining seats before arriving at the office.

718-233-4974 Our agents are available 24/7

Put Employee Safety First

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City businesses may find it difficult to transition back to day-to-day operations in the office. We understand that the decision to return to the office is not one your company is taking lightly—which is why the National Charter Bus team is here to make the process as safe and stress-free as possible.

A private shuttle service for employees can help minimize their exposure to other passengers on busy public transport. When you organize transportation with National Charter Bus, you can create your own health screening policies before employees board their shuttle. Develop seating charts to allow social distancing, require temperature checks before boarding, and have all passengers wear masks while onboard.

If you’re unsure what other safety precautions your business would like to consider during the transition, we recommend skimming the CDC’s guide for businesses returning to office settings after working from home.

Keep Employees Happy and Attract New Recruits

Along with keeping them safe, an employee shuttle can help keep your colleagues satisfied with your workplace. Simplifying employee commutes can cut down on stress and result in an overall better work experience. Companies on the hunt for new talent in competitive NYC can add daily shuttles for employees to benefit packages. Having a private bus to work every day can be exceptionally appealing to potential recruits who may be tired of long drives from Queens or subway rides from Brooklyn.

Reserve One Shuttle or an Entire Fleet

National Charter Bus works with bus operators across the New York City metro area to give businesses access to as many shuttles as they’ll need. Large corporations that have hundreds of employees can book a fleet of full-sized charter buses to shuttle everyone to work in complete comfort. Smaller businesses that only need one shuttle for employees can choose a minibus from models that can accommodate 18 to 25 passengers. If you’re not sure how many shuttles will be appropriate to fit social distancing requirements, your rental expert can help develop a plan of action and a shuttle service for employees that meets your company’s needs.

Build Custom Schedules and Routes

Businesses with hours outside the standard 9-to-5 can rely on National Charter Bus for shuttles at any time. Your rental expert will assist you in building an employee shuttle schedule to work with your company’s unique schedule. Do you have employees coming to work from several boroughs? Create custom routes to service colleagues living throughout Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and beyond.

Book a Shuttle Service for Employees in NYC

Rental experts are available 24/7 to answer any questions, to provide your company with a quote for short-term shuttles, and to draw up long-term contracts for recurring transportation services. Whenever you’re ready to book an employee shuttle service in New York City, just call 718-233-4974!