Shuttle Service for Employees in Seattle

If you’re a manager for a company of employees working and living in Seattle, consider arranging recurring a corporate shuttle service for your busy commuters. With a fleet of private, dedicated charter buses handling your team’s commute, you can count on efficient and timely daily transportation that reduces your employee’s stress, saves them time and energy, and makes traveling to work in the Emerald City a joy instead of a chore. Interested in learning how to set up a commuter bus for your Seattle business? Call National Charter Bus at 206-388-3382 to speak with a reservation specialist about how you can benefit from employee shuttle services.

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Save Time and Energy While Commuting

With an employee shuttle service, you can help your Seattle employees make the most of their morning and evening commute. Instead of dealing with stressful rush hour traffic jams, employees commuting to and from the office can choose to enjoy their ride with a professional driver at the wheel. Employee shuttle service allows your commuters to listen to Podcasts, read a book, catch up on e-mails, work on important presentations, or simply catch a few extra minutes of sleep. With more time in the busy day to spend wisely, and with no need to navigate traffic or stress about crowded parking lots, you can boost your employees’ job satisfaction and overall productivity.

206-388-3382 Our agents are available 24/7

Customize Your Shuttle Route and Schedule

No matter if your company’s employees are coming from Issaquah, Kirkland, or Lake Forest Park, National Charter Bus can work with you to create a customized shuttle route and schedule around Seattle. We can arrange a charter bus to pick-up and drop-off workers at Park & Rides, local landmarks, public transit stations, and even your employee’s front doorstep. Just tell us all about your company’s needs and we’ll help you plan a commuter shuttle service that works for you.

Enjoy Amenities for Leisure and Productivity

When you arrange an employee shuttle service with National Charter Bus, you can request a bus rental with premium amenities for employees to enjoy during their ride. They can kick back in reclining seats, adjust the temperature with personal climate control, and watch city life bustle through panoramic windows. If you request a bus with USB/power outlets and WiFi, commuters can stay connected to and from work. They can choose to get a head start on their daily tasks or unwind after a busy day with a favorite podcast or playlist—with no need to worry about driving or navigating rush hour traffic. A shuttle bus rental also has ample for personal belongings, so passengers can put items like backpacks and briefcases safely in overhead bins instead of on their lap like they would on public transportation.

Offer Safe and Reliable Transportation for Seattle

A private shuttle service is one of the safest group transportation methods available. If you have employees who are concerned about COVID-19 risks while commuting via public transportation, a frequently sanitized and private environment like company-specific shuttles can help alleviate those anxieties. A charter bus is also safer than most other vehicles as a means of travel because bus drivers are professionally trained, are frequently evaluated on their skills, and usually operate more predictably than cars and bicycles.

Book Recurring Shuttle Service for Your Seattle Business!

Ready to arrange an employee shuttle service for your Seattle company? Call National Charter Bus, anytime, at 206-388-3382. We’ll help you arrange an employee shuttle service that runs on your preferred schedule and has all of the amenities you need for a safe and productive commute.