Employee Shuttle Services in Washington, D.C.

Many of the people who work in Washington, D.C. don’t live there. This well-known fact creates a problem for D.C. businesses. After contending with hours of traffic on the Beltway or navigating multiple trains, most employees arrive at work exhausted, stressed, and frazzled instead of focused and energized. An employee shuttle can help solve this problem!

A corporate shuttle service offers a stress-free way for your employees to travel. They can ride to work on a private charter bus with comfortable seats that will take them straight to their destination. National Charter Bus provides shuttles for companies in many cities, and we can help you find one when you call us at 202-250-3441. Here are just a few reasons you may want to consider a shuttle for employees.

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Shuttle service helps employees unwind.

D.C. commuters spend an average of 43 minutes commuting to and from work, according to NPR. The Nation’s Capital has an excellent Metro system that easily services nearby neighborhoods like Georgetown and Dupont Circle. Unfortunately, many people who live in outlying suburbs like Bethesda and Alexandria have to drive all or part of the way into the city before they can take advantage of it.

These long commutes lead to frustrated, tired employees. An employee shuttle service can help your workers have higher job satisfaction and become more productive by letting them rest on the way to the office. Instead of weaving through packed lanes of traffic or rushing to make their train transfer, they can lean back in a reclining seat and listen to a podcast or check Instagram with free WiFi.

202-250-3441 Our agents are available 24/7

You control the shuttle’s route and schedule.

Public transit is great for the environment and less stressful than driving, but it can’t run on any individual person or company’s schedule. If your employees have to get up 20 minutes earlier to catch the right bus or show up late because they missed the train, there’s nothing you can do about it. You also can’t control the routes, which means many of your employees can’t take the train in the first place, at least not without driving to the station first.

With an employee shuttle, you set your own schedule and route. Need to go to the suburbs of Maryland or Virginia to pick up employees? No problem. Want a shuttle that runs from the train station to your office throughout the day for second- or third-shift workers? National Charter Bus can do that. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll plan a route and schedule that works for you.

Shuttles have plenty of space.

No more crowding into public trains or driving individual cars and releasing tons of exhaust into the environment. Booking a shuttle for employees can make it possible to carpool in comfort. You can request a minibus for up to 25 people or a charter bus for up to 56 people. Only have 25 people but want a full-size bus to help with social distancing? National Charter Bus can help with that too.

Shuttle service has high safety standards.

Speaking of social distancing, on shuttles you can create your own safety regulations. If you want to require masks or temperature checks as well as social distancing, just let us know when you call to book your employee shuttle. You’ll also reduce the number of people your group is exposed to, since you’ll only share space with people you already work with.

Corporate shuttles also offer many safety features that are always relevant. The drivers National Charter Bus works with are fully certified with clean background checks, and the vehicles in our network must be regularly inspected and properly maintained.

Corporate shuttles may appeal to new hires.

When you’re looking for talent in D.C., you’re competing with hundreds of government agencies and NGOs. You’ll need to offer perks that make your business stand out. A corporate shuttle service is a great option, especially in a commute-heavy city like D.C. Knowing they won’t have to drive themselves or navigate a complicated public transit system could convince gifted workers to choose your company over another that offers a similar salary.

Book a corporate shuttle for your team in D.C.

If you decide to arrange a corporate shuttle service for your team in D.C., contact National Charter Bus. We’ll help you set up a long-term contract for an employee shuttle that runs on your preferred schedule and has all of the amenities you want. Just give us a call at 202-250-3441 to start planning your shuttle service for employees.