Charter Bus Rentals to the Florida Aquarium

Florida waters are full of interesting wildlife, unique ecosystems, and natural beauty. Explore it all at the Florida Aquarium! With a transportation plan from National Charter Bus, you’ll have a reliable ride to the aquarium, around Tampa, or any other destination on your itinerary. We have experience servicing field trips, private events, and other travel needs around the country, so we are sure to find the perfect charter bus or minibus rental for your group. Call 813-328-8085 today and a reservation representative can help you assemble your custom fleet, answer any questions you may have, and offer you a free, personalized quote.

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The glass exterior and entrance of the Florida Aquarium

Visit Florida’s Premier Aquarium

From humble beginnings as the Clearwater Marine Science Center in 1977, the Florida Aquarium has since grown into one of the state’s most-frequented attractions. Voted one of the top three aquariums in North America in 2018 by USA Today, the aquarium is dedicated to innovation and education through constantly improving enclosures and hands-on learning opportunities. It showcases exotic sea creatures from across the world to numerous exhibits of local wildlife, so there is plenty to discover in this Tampa attraction.

813-328-8085 Our agents are available 24/7

Why Travel By Bus?

Renting a private motorcoach for your aquarium trip eliminates some hassles you would otherwise face with other forms of travel. For instance, while The Florida Aquarium is conveniently located in the heart of Tampa’s museum district, out-of-town visitors may have troubles navigating this busy cityscape. Large tour groups often struggle to hail taxicabs and rideshare services with enough seating to accommodate everyone, and these service prices can skyrocket during peak tourist season. Rather than arranging carpools, stressing over rideshare fees, or braving the Tampa traffic on your own, we recommend leaving the transportation to a professional to enjoy a breezy aquarium experience.

National Charter Bus Tampa can pair your group of adventurers with a personalized fleet of charter buses, minibuses, or any combination of vehicles to best suit your itinerary, group size, and desired amenities. Need a quick shuttle across town? A compact minibus can seat up to 25 passengers per vehicle and still grants your group plenty of space for backpacks, diaper bags, and other personal belongings. For larger groups in need of more spacious accommodations or service across long distances, consider booking a 56-passenger charter bus. With available amenities such as reclining seats, televisions with DVD players, and power outlets, this full-sized motorcoach is perfect for keeping everyone comfortable and entertained over long stretches of travel.

Permanent Exhibits and Attractions

A child stands in awe as sharks swim in the Florida Aquarium tankThe Florida Aquarium’s layout guides visitors through the state’s wide variety of wildlife and environments exhibit by exhibit, from marshes and wetlands to the depths of the deep blue. Here is a brief overview of each attraction, so you can know what to expect:

Florida Wetlands Trail

Visitors begin their journey by hiking past these open-air exhibits. This glass dome is home to freshwater species native to the Florida wetlands, such as brown pelicans, river otters, and alligators, as well as invasive species like Burmese pythons.

Journey to Madagascar

Explore the wonders of Madagascar through this jungle exhibit! Come see ring tailed lemurs, chameleons, geckos, and a beautiful simulated Indian Ocean reef. If you’re feeling brave, you can even crawl inside a tree full of hissing cockroaches!

Bays and Beaches

Next, dive into the Florida coastal waters and observe the environments and native species that live there. Be sure to check out the gallery’s 300-pound goliath grouper and catch a scheduled feeding at the beach exhibit.

No Bones Zone

This exhibit is dedicated to oceanic invertebrates, or creatures that do not have backbones. These tanks allow guests to reach in and touch the resident sea stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and anemones.

Coral Reef

Diving deeper, visitors are met with stunning coral reefs and caves farther off the coastline. Hundreds of fish and sharks make this panoramic gallery tank their home, so give your tour group plenty of time to take it all in.

Dragons Down Under

Here, you’ll find yourself nose-to-snout with real dragons! This exhibit showcases the aquarium’s weird and wonderful Australian sea dragons and their aquatic cousins: seahorses and pipefish.

The Splash Pad

This outdoor water play zone is the perfect spot for your little ones to splash around after your aquarium tour. Don’t worry about having to carry around an extra change of clothes throughout the day. With a private transportation rental, you’ll have plenty of room to store bathing suits, towels, snacks, and more, and your driver can look after your personal belongings while you explore the aquarium.

Safe Travels for Field Trips

Mother and child watch as fish and sharks swim in the Florida Aquarium exhibitWith tank-side sleepovers, summer camps, and other educational programs abound, it is no wonder why the Florida Aquarium is such a popular attraction for youth groups and school field trips. However, traditional yellow school buses can be uncomfortable during the warm months, especially in the muggy Tampa heat. Keep your class, club, or youth group cool, refreshed, and entertained in a private charter bus rental. The buses in our network include amenities not found in traditional school buses, such as climate-controlled cabins, WiFi, on-board restrooms, televisions with DVD players, ADA-accessibility, and more. Many of these options are available at no additional cost, so don’t hesitate to ask your representative to secure amenities that will best cater to your group.

During your aquarium trip, the last thing you should have to worry about is your little explorers’ safety along the way. Secure their safe passage by booking with National Charter Bus. We only charter motorcoaches with the highest safety ratings in the industry. Even better, drivers in our network must pass a series of background checks and performance examinations before taking the wheel, meaning you can trust these trained professionals with your precious cargo. With the safety of your passengers in capable hands, your chaperones, staff, and students alike can explore the wonders of the Florida Aquarium free from stress.

Plan Your Own Private Event

Want to host a private engagement your guests will never forget? Impress your attendees, loved ones, and clients by hosting your event at the Florida Aquarium! From swanky corporate rooftop soirées to birthdays bathed in the soft blue glow of the Coral Reef Gallery, the aquarium offers a variety of venue spaces for ceremonies, parties, and get-togethers of all kinds. Planners can reserve one of the smaller venues for at least 25 guests, or accommodate up to 4,000 guests by buying out the entire aquarium. The possibilities are practically endless!

Personalize your event even more by reserving a private transportation plan that best suits your schedule and number of guests. Rather than having each guest pay the $6 parking fee at the Florida Aquarium’s parking deck, save them time and money by arranging a shuttle service beforehand. Their professional driver can pick up your loved ones, employees, and attendees from anywhere in Tampa and drop them off directly at the aquarium entrance. With the transportation already handled before they arrive, your guests will spend less time stressing over navigation and parking logistics, and more time focusing on your one-of-a-kind private event.

Reserve Your Aquarium Shuttle Today

Ready to book? Let National Charter Bus simplify your travel experience to the Florida Aquarium. Our 24/7 team of transportation specialists will be happy to walk you through the available bus models and amenities, so you can craft the perfect ride for your tour group. No matter where your Tampa travels take you, from Big Cat Rescue to Busch Gardens or anywhere in-between, we’ve got you covered. Call 813-328-8085 today to get started!