Learn More About Buses:The TS 45E, TEMSA’s Upcoming All-Electric Model

As the sibling to TEMSA’s largest bus model, the TS 45E is the TS 45’s all-electric counterpart. TEMSA already has electric city buses available in European markets, but the TS 45E is the company’s first in the United States. This new bus’s electrical systems will be similar to those of TEMSA’s European-exclusive models, the Avenue Electron and Avenue EV, while the exterior design will share similarities with the TS 45. The TS 45E was unveiled in 2019 and is expected to be available to order in limited numbers starting in late 2021.

Electric buses charging at a station


Here are just a few ways TS 45E will differ from TEMSA’s fleet of standard buses in the U.S.A.:
  • Custom TM4 electric motor and lithium-ion NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) battery
  • Fully electric operations with a range of around 200 miles per charge
  • Modified design to fit batteries but not impact interior space
  • Redesigned bus faces for a sleeker and more modern look

Technical specs of the TS 45E are not currently available.

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