Learn More About Buses: Van Hool's CX Series

Out of all the Van Hool models available in North America, the CX series is considered the most economical touring coach for charters and commuter operators on the continent. These vehicles combine quality Van Hool design with parts and features commonly found in other Van Hool models, which makes them easier and cheaper to repair and maintain.

A black Van Hool CX45 charter bus parked in front of trees on a sunny day

Image via vanhool.be

A CX coach comes in two models that are differentiated by size: the CX35 and the CX45. The former is 35 feet long and can accommodate up to 40 passengers, while the latter is 45 feet long and can seat up to 60 passengers.

Both the CX35 and the CX45 have the following features:
  • Individual passenger footrests
  • 3-point seatbelts
  • Entertainment system with monitors
  • Reading lights with directional adjustment
  • Automatic entrance lighting
  • Integrated HVAC system
  • Wheelchair lift adaptability
  • Backup camera
Technical specifications of CX series vehicles are as follows:
  • Weight: 41,900 lbs., 54,000 lbs.
  • Height: 11 ft., 6 in.
  • Width: 102 in.
  • Length: 35 ft., 45 ft.
  • Seats: 38-40, 56-60
  • Luggage compartment volume: 281.46 cu. ft., 440.4 cu. ft.
  • Parcel rack compartment volume: 80.16 cu. ft., 87.5 cu. ft

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