California Minibus & Charter Bus Rentals

For the most reliable bus rentals in California, you can count on National Charter Bus! We offer minibus and charter bus rentals in The Golden State for all occasions, large and small, whether it’s a shuttle service for employees or several buses for a school field trip. The buses in our network are inspected regularly for safety, and have all the amenities you need for a smooth ride. Plus, they come in different sizes depending on your group’s needs, from 18-passenger minibuses to full-size coach buses that can accommodate 56 passengers.

Our bus reservation team is available 24/7 to help you secure the right California bus rental, and to answer any questions you may have! When you’re ready, give us a call at 1-844-755-0510.

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Group Charter Bus Rentals in California

National Charter Bus is able to provide group transportation services for all different kinds of events and has worked with many different groups to secure their California charter bus rental needs. We want to make the process as simple as possible from start to finish, which is why we offer 24/7 customer service, a huge network of charter buses in cities across the state, and regularly inspected and maintained buses equipped with safety features driven by experienced drivers. We also pride ourselves on transparent pricing—when you rent, you will get a total breakdown of your costs, with no hidden fees or red tape. You don’t even have to book right away when you call! You can call for a free, no-obligation quote on your rental. 


How to Book a Charter Bus in California 

If you need to secure a charter bus rental but have no idea where to begin, don’t worry. National Charter Bus is happy to clear up any confusion and answer questions you may have if it’s your first time renting a charter bus in California. Below is a quick breakdown of what to expect price-wise, and the steps you should take before you book your bus. 

Our Favorite Places to Visit in California

Since California is the biggest state in the country, it can be intimidating to decide what you want to see while you’re there. That’s why you’ll be happy to know we at National Charter Bus have put together a guide to some of the best places to visit in California, and why a charter bus is the best way to get around with a group during your trip.

coachella shuttle bus rentalsShuttle Music Lovers to Coachella

Whether you’re looking to make memories at the country’s biggest music festival or putting together shuttle transportation for it, National Charter Bus can connect you with the right charter bus in California for the job. We have experience securing entire fleets of buses for large music festivals and other events. The spacious and modern charter buses in our network can seat up to 56 passengers, and offer onboard WiFi, power outlets, and A/C so attendees can stay comfortable and post their festival snapshots to Instagram. 

If you’re attending Coachella with a group and want to have your own private event transportation services to and from the festival, consider renting one of our 18-passenger minibuses. A minibus rental provides an easier and more environmentally friendly way to travel, as opposed to taking multiple cars or Ubers, and moves on your time and your itinerary. The bus can pick you and your group up directly from your hotel for easy access, and can even take you to other hotspots in Coachella Valley like the casinos and aerial tramway.

Tour California Colleges with a Private Bus Rental

California is home to more than 750 different institutions for higher education, some of which are considered some of the best colleges in the country. At National Charter Bus, we have plenty of experience arranging group transportation for student groups, universities, and even future college students. Each bus undergoes extensive inspection and maintenance before it even hits the road, and your charter bus driver comes highly vetted and trained. Ride to your next sorority or fraternity event in style, arrange tours for your high school students to University of California at Los Angeles or Stanford, and explore potential colleges with ease when you rent a charter bus with National Charter Bus. 

If you’re in California for a college tour, consider seeing the rest of the sights that Santa Barbara, Irvine, or other college towns have to offer. You can add as many stops on your itinerary as you want, and your bus rental will work with your schedule instead of against it. Your bus driver may even have some insider knowledge about the area to impart to you during the ride.

winery charter bus rentalsExplore Wine Country with a Professional Designated Driver

Napa Valley, just north of San Francisco, is considered the wine capital of the United States. It’s home to more than 450 wineries and is famous for having the best wine in the country along with beautiful, one-of-a-kind views. We have worked with plenty of winery owners to provide sleek Napa Valley charter bus rentals. The buses in our network have comfortable, reclining seats, A/C, and big, open windows so your guests can take in the rolling hills and gorgeous grapevines. We can arrange for long-term shuttle services for your winery or vineyard guests, as well, so that you will always have reliable transportation for your visitors. Remember, you can get a free quote on our services in minutes when you call us at  1-844-755-0510, and you are under no obligation to book. 

In addition to wine, the area is known for beautiful resorts and high-end restaurants, making it a popular destination for bachelorette parties and weddings. If you’re considering having your wedding in breathtaking Wine Country, let National Charter Bus set you up with the perfect California wedding shuttle services. We will be with you every step of the way and for any needs you have, whether it’s a shuttle from the ceremony venue to the reception, or shuttle services after the event to take your loved ones safely home.

Book a Bus for a Professional Tour of Hollywood

guide. We’ve worked with plenty of companies to offer dependable and comfortable charter buses for tours of the city. The bus drivers in our network are experts at parking a charter bus in Los Angeles, so that your travelers can jump off and trek to the Hollywood Sign, stroll down the Walk of Fame, be awed by the Griffith Observatory views, and more. National Charter Bus can offer short and long-term shuttle bus rentals for all types of business needs, whether it’s a one-off or recurring event. 

And we aren’t limited to just businesses! We offer bus rentals in Hollywood for all sizes of groups and occasions. For example, if you plan on taking a group of people to tour Hollywood and also want to hit up Disneyland in Anaheim for some magic in the same trip, we can secure a bus rental for you that goes to different cities in California. Just let your reservation specialist know your itinerary and headcount when you call, and they will work with you to make something happen!

Shuttle Your Group to Your Favorite Ski Resorts

Planning a ski trip for a group in California? Despite the state’s sunny reputation, there are actually some great spots for skiing in California. For example, there are a few great ski resorts near San Diego that are only 1-3 hours outside the city. And if you’re looking for reliable transportation to and from the resorts and the slopes, National Charter Bus has got you covered! 

We can help secure bus rentals for a corporate event like a conference or teambuilding weekend, or just for groups of friends looking to explore the snowy side of California! Those visiting San Diego for a weekend may want to try hitting up Mount Waterman Ski Lifts, a no-frills ski resort that’s only one and a half hours outside the city, or Snow Valley Resorts, which is great for avoiding crowds and is only two and a half hours outside of San Diego. A charter bus is a great transportation option for a day trip, as you can take in the sights out of your charter bus rental’s bay windows while your professional driver takes the wheel. Larger models can even come with onboard restrooms to limit pit stops along the way.

If you’re a ski resort owner looking for short or long-term shuttle service for your guests and visitors, National Charter Bus can help with that, too. Reliable and free shuttles to the slopes are a great service to offer your guests, and with zero accidents reported and a rigorous safety check before each bus hits the road, National Charter Bus will keep your guests safe. 

Book Your California Charter Bus Rental 

We hope you’re excited for your upcoming event in the Golden State! National Charter Bus is happy to be your go-to transportation solution for all events in California, big or small. With more than a million miles logged, a network of charter bus rentals all across California, and top-of-the-line safety standards, you can trust National Charter Bus for your travel needs.

If you have any questions or are ready to book your California bus, give us a call! You can reach us 24/7 at 1-844-755-0510. We look forward to working with you!


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