Iowa Minibus & Charter Bus Rentals

National Charter Bus provides charter bus and minibus rentals in Iowa. We have experience booking group transportation services for every event, from weddings to corporate outings to sporting events. The Iowa charter buses and minibuses in our network are maintained to the highest safety standards, driven by experienced professionals, and come with every amenity you need. And with more than a million miles logged with zero accidents on record, we are one of the safest charter bus companies in the country. 

When you’re ready to rent your Iowa charter bus, call our 24/7 reservation team at 1-844-755-0510. They can answer any questions you have and set you up with a charter bus in less than 10 minutes. 

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Charter Bus Rentals in Iowa

Why rent a charter bus in Iowa when you could just drive? When you rent a charter bus in Iowa, you are renting transportation that works with your schedule, not against it. A charter bus can take you anywhere you want to go, as opposed to limited public transit routes or unreliable rideshares. It’s also a greener way to travel, as it emits less co2 than driving multiple cars. And typically, if you tally up the cost of filling up gas tanks, paying tolls, and other road expenses, the cost of renting a charter bus ends up being more affordable than you think. Plus, when you rent with National Charter Bus as opposed to other bus companies, you’re getting fair and transparent pricing. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing, meaning what you see is what you get, with no hidden fees to trip you up down the road. 


What to Expect when you Book a Bus in Iowa

If it’s your first time renting a charter bus in Iowa (or anywhere!), National Charter Bus is happy to help you every step of the way. We stand out from the competition due to our exceptional 24/7 customer service, top safety standards for vehicles and drivers, flexibility, and punctuality. We instruct our drivers to arrive at each stop on your itinerary at least 15 minutes early. 

Our Favorite Things to Do in Iowa

Iowa has so many cool places to explore, and a charter bus rental is the best way to get around with a group. With private transportation, you don’t have limits to where you can go, unlike public transportation. And your transportation costs stay fixed, as opposed to having to buy gas or pay unpredictable prices for rideshares. You can give us a call at 1-844-755-0510 whenever you are ready, and we can set you up with your Iowa charter bus. 

Tour Iowa Colleges

Iowa State University. Both colleges offer beautiful campuses to visit, and Iowa State in particular offers several museums, art galleries, and a sculpture garden. And a school field trip charter bus rental is a great option to explore these schools! You can explore the schools at your own pace, with any stop you want on your itinerary, and even check out the surrounding area to get a feel for the town. 

With access to a vast network of charter buses in different sizes across the state, National has experience providing group transportation for all school-related functions, from Greek life events to campus tours to sporting events and more. The buses in our network are inspected and maintained regularly, and every vehicle must pass an inspection before it hits the road. In addition, your charter bus driver will be highly trained, thoroughly vetted, and committed to the safety of your students. 

See the Capital City of Des Moines

The capital city of Des Moines has plenty to offer visitors. A zoo, botanical gardens, science center, and downtown area full of shopping and restaurants are a few of the top places in Iowa to visit with family. National can set you up with a vacation bus rental to see all the city’s top sights. With a private bus rental in Iowa, you can see all the stops on your itinerary without having to split up into different cars, wait on rideshares, or navigate the crowded and public transit system with set routes that you may not even want to go to. 

And if you’re heading into Des Moines for business as opposed to pleasure, you can secure a Des Moines bus rental for corporate events from National. We can help you book a corporate charter bus in Iowa for team-building activities, company parties, airport pickups, conventions, and more. The buses in our network are sleek, professional, and handled by expert drivers who aim to arrive 15 minutes early to each stop on your itinerary. Keep things running according to schedule and let your employees brainstorm together in a comfortable charter bus on their way to your company’s next event.

Visit the Amana Colonies

History buffs will want to visit the German Amana Colonies near Iowa City. It’s a 26,000-acre area with seven different villages that dates all the way back to 1714. Up until 1931, the colonies achieved an almost perfectly self-sufficient society, receiving little to no help with imports from the rest of industrialized America. Today, it’s a tourist attraction and a designated National Historic Landmark.

The Amana Colonies have many picturesque wedding venues, and is a popular choice for weddings in Iowa. And if you’re looking for transportation for your big day, look no further than National. We can provide wedding shuttle services across the entire state, whether you’re heading to the Amana Colonies or any of the other beautiful wedding venues in Iowa. We will be with you every step of the way, from the bachelorette party to the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony, providing reliable and safe transportation for you and your loved ones.

Attend the Iowa State Fair

Held since 1854, the Iowa State Fair attracts over a million visitors a year and is one of the biggest and oldest state fairs in the country. The fair also employs over 1,600 seasonal employees during the fair season, in addition to more than 60 full-time employees that work year-round. 

National is happy to be able to provide a shuttle service for employees of the Iowa State Fair. A shuttle service is a great perk to offer potential employees, can ensure everyone arrives at work on time, and will save your employees the stress of navigating fair time traffic. We can set you up with both short and long-term rentals, and can find the right Iowa charter buses with the amenities you are looking for, including ADA-accessible features. 

Book Your Iowa Charter Bus Rental

When it comes to renting charter buses in Iowa, you can’t go wrong when you book with National. Give our reservation specialists a call at 1-844-755-0510 whenever you are ready to get down to business. You will get a free, customized quote in minutes, with no obligation to book until you are ready. We look forward to your call!


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