Learn More About Buses:MCI's J3500

MCI’s J3500 was designed to house many of the same cosmetic and mechanical features as its best-selling counterpart, the J4500, but with a more compact body to accommodate customers’ interest in a smaller bus. This bus is about 35 feet long and holds seating for up to 44 passengers, in contrast to the J4500’s 45-foot length and 60-passenger seating capacity. Like its larger counterpart, the J3500 maximizes available space to make sure passengers never feel cramped.

an mci j3500 charter bus parked on pavement

Image courtesy of MCI

To make the “extra” space, MCI’s engineers changed the position and layout of the J3500’s onboard restroom and remodeled the engine air intake system, which actually made for a quieter onboard experience. Additionally, because of its shorter length, this coach has a higher turning radius than any other MCI vehicle, making it ideal for city environments.

Some more highlights of the J3500 include:
  • e-fan system that boosts fuel efficiency
  • Durable stainless steel frame
  • Stainless steel tubing in critical areas for extra strength
  • Military-grade electrical systems with minimal wiring
  • Maximum legroom for passenger comfort
  • Illuminated spiral entry
  • Customizable ceiling lights with six color options (plus white)
  • Wide-screen HD monitors
Technical specs of the J3500 include:
  • Weight: 42,000 lbs
  • Width: 140.75 in.
  • Length: 35.58 f
  • Seats: 44
  • Luggage compartment volume: 285 Cu. ft.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 164 gal

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