Learn More About Buses:MCI's J4500E and D45 CRTe LE The latest all-electric models

Though electric coaches are slowly becoming more commonplace, MCI understands that electric coaches are often a significant investment for businesses. In order to make the investment worthwhile, MCI plans to work with potential customers to tailor the new electric vehicles to their needs. Design goals include achieving a minimum range of 200 miles per charge and ensuring that the electric buses “feel” the same as diesel buses to a driver.

an MCI D45 CRT LE parked in a garage

An MCI D45 CRT LE, the non-electric counterpart to the D45 CRTe LE. Image courtesy of MCI

Since electric vehicles aren’t yet widely used, it can be difficult to reach charging stations for electric buses, let alone find time to let them charge. Because of these limitations, these electric buses are often used for commuter shuttles within a city rather than long-distance travel.

the interior seats and aisle of an mci d45 crt

The interior of an MCI D45 CRT. Image courtesy of MCI

Highlights of MCI’s all-electric J4500E and D45 CRTe LE models include:
  • Top speed of 72 mph
  • Lower cabin noise levels, thanks to the electric motors
  • Regenerative braking system that mimics the brakes on a clean-diesel coach
  • Brake system that uses kinetic energy to recharge the vehicle battery
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Power outlets at every seat
  • Spacious interiors for extra comfort
  • Low-floor design to make for easier loading and unloading (especially for passengers with mobility concerns) (D45 CRTe LE only)
  • High-floor design to allow for more battery packs and, therefore, a longer charge (J4500E only)
Technical specs of the J4500e include:
  • Weight: 54,000 lbs.
  • Height: 140.75 in.
  • Width: 102 in.
  • Length: 45.58 ft.
  • Seats: 60
  • Estimated range: 200 mi.
  • Average charge time: 3 hrs.
Technical specs of the D45 CRTe LE include:
  • Weight: 54,000 lbs. 
  • Height: 138 in.
  • Width: 102 in.
  • Length: 45 ft. 
  • Seats: 54
  • Estimated range: 170 mi.
  • Average charge time: 3 hrs.

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