Popular Charter Bus Manufacturers: Prevost

Prevost is a French-Canadian motorcoach manufacturer currently owned by Volvo. Headquartered in Sainte-Claire, Quebec, Prevost has earned a reputation for buses that are easy and comfortable to drive, with great handling and ergonomic driver cockpits.

Prevost charter buses also have a reputation for luxury, with high interior ceilings, comfortable seating, and isolation from sound and vibrations. Need more proof that Prevost is a quality manufacturer? They built the frames for Ground Force One, the fleet of motorcoaches used by the President of the United States. If you’d like to learn more about the history or buses of this prestigious manufacturer, keep reading.

Bus parked by curb under blue sky

All images courtesy of Prevost


Prevost had an odd beginning. In 1924, Eugene Prevost, a cabinet-maker who also made church pews and school desks, was asked to build a wooden coach body to go on top of an REO truck chassis. He did such a good job that he began manufacturing motorcoaches more often, and Prevost was born.

Since then, the company has gone through an abundance of changes and achieved many milestones. Here are just a few:




    Prevost builds its first bus manufacturing facility in Sainte-Claire, Quebec.



    Prevost receives an order for 100 buses from the Canadian government, proving they’re a reliable manufacturer.



    Prevost opens its first United States dealership in New Jersey.



    Prevost introduces the first bus in its spacious and luxurious H-series, a series it continues to manufacture today.



    Prevost is bought by the Volvo Bus Corporation and the Henlys Group.



    The company receives a 14001 certification in honor of its dedication to environmentally friendly design and manufacturing.

  • 2004


    Volvo Bus Corporation becomes the sole owner of Prevost.



    Prevost introduces the X3-45, which offers greater fuel efficiency and more undercarriage storage space than buses previously offered.



    Prevost begins distributing the Volvo 9700, an efficient bus popular with transit services, and updates the H-series bus with a sleeker design and more undercarriage storage.

Prevost Today

Prevost bus driving down street at sunset

Prevost continues to improve the features on their buses and to introduce new programs for the operators who use them.

In December 2019, Prevost hit a milestone when it received its most valuable contract ever from the New York City MTA. In early 2020, Prevost introduced eMirrors (electronic side mirrors) and the Driver Assist electronic system to improve bus safety.

Unfortunately, 2020 also saw the COVID-19 pandemic sweep across North America. In response, Prevost created the Clean+Care program, which provides essential features operators can purchase to make their charter buses safer. These features include:

  • Driver barriers
  • Passenger warning and information decals for coach interior
  • Air purifier systems
  • Improved ventilation with fans in roof hatches
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Electrostatic spraying systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Masks for operators to provide to riders
  • Seat distancing decals

Prevost has also created Ready to Go, part of its Clean+Care initiative. This marketing program provides materials and messaging for bus operators as they talk to clients about safety and whether they’re ready to get back on the road.

Prevost Fleet

Prevost offers three motorcoach models under its own name and also distributes one model manufactured by Volvo. All recent Prevost models include state-of-the-art features like controls on the steering wheel instead of the dashboard, a pneumatic steering column, and an ergonomically-angled steering wheel. For passengers, each motorcoach has plenty of space, isolation from noise and vibrations, light and temperature controls, and an abundance of storage.

Prevost’s partnership with Volvo also lets them use Volvo’s energy-efficient D13 engines, one of the most environmentally friendly diesel bus engines on the market. Prevost is the first and only North American motorcoach manufacturer to receive ISO 14001 certification for their efforts to protect the environment, and Volvo has begun manufacturing electric and hybrid buses as well.

Recent Fleet Innovations

Prevost recently introduced an electronic stability program that lets the bus apply brakes to individual wheels when needed and an advanced diagnostic system that provides clear, simple digital readouts about which part of the bus needs maintenance. 

Curious about the latest coaches you can choose from when you order from Prevost? Here are the models they offer and what makes each one special.

Interior of Volvo bus with blue seats


Prevost first introduced its H series in 1985, making this the oldest style of charter bus they continue to manufacture today. It’s undergone a lot of changes since the 80s, including a complete redesign in 2009 and many updates in the 2010s.

This elegant coach offers plenty of legroom for passengers, comfortable seating, and the most storage space on the market, with 470 cubic feet/13 cubic meters of undercarriage capacity and the highest deck of any Prevost bus. With panoramic windows and an eye-catching design, this is the bus to choose when you’re looking for large and luxurious transportation. 

Prevost H-35 bus parked


Created to have lower overall height and more fuel efficiency than the H series, the X3-45 was recently redesigned to make it even more aerodynamic and environmentally friendly. It now has 8-10% greater fuel efficiency, as well as the sleek design Prevost motorcoaches are known for.

The X3-45 also features new amenities to make your trip more comfortable, like larger side windows and a tinted windshield with a sunblind. The larger windows help the cabin feel more spacious for passengers, and an improved wheelchair lift and increased headroom in the wheelchair seating area ensure all travelers will be equally comfortable during the trip. 

X3-45 parked by lake

X3-45 Commuter

Prevost created the X3-45 Commuter specifically for short daily trips. If you need an employee or college campus shuttle, this is the vehicle for you. This charter bus provides a smooth, quiet ride, has been tested on busy commuter routes to ensure it’s safe, and uses fuel efficiently.

An 80-inch-high interior, shorter entry steps, a wider door, and wider aisles make these buses easier to navigate than typical commuter shuttles. Passengers can also take advantage of electrical outlets at every seat and individual LED reading lamps to get work done on their way to school or the office. 

X3-45 commuter bus with comfortable seats

Volvo 9700

Volvo’s 9700 buses come in diesel, electric, and hybrid varieties and are known for their safety. These buses are highly customizable—operators can select from an array of passenger amenities, like onboard entertainment systems and individual climate controls.

Even if you don’t select additional amenities, you’ll still receive a bus with an ergonomic driver’s area, comfortable seats, and an airy interior. The option to choose an electric or hybrid model also makes these buses great for the environment, which has made them popular throughout the world.

Volvo 9700 parked in city

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