Learn More About Buses: Prevost's Volvo 9700

Because Prevost is owned by Volvo, they also produce motorcoaches under the Volvo brand. Volvo 9700 buses come in diesel, electric, and hybrid varieties, which has made them popular with environmentally conscious consumers throughout the world.

Volvo 9700 bus parked in front of city

Image courtesy of Prevost

Volvo buses are also known for their safety, with advanced driver assistance systems, high-efficiency brakes, and world-class protective frames. Although safety features come standard, Volvo 9700 buses are also known for their customizability—companies can choose from an array of features to keep passengers comfortable.

Some more highlights of the Volvo 9700 include:
  • Comfortable seats with seatbelts
  • Large tinted windows
  • Low interior noise
  • High-capacity ventilation system with individually adjustable air vents for each seat
  • On-board entertainment system with hi-fi sound and flip-down monitor
  • Plenty of storage space
  • High-torque 13-liter engine
  • Ergonomic driver’s area with Volvo I-Shift transmission and personal settings
  • Engines designed with low maintenance requirements and good uptime
Technical specs of the Volvo 9700 include:
  • Weight: 49,400 lbs/22,407 kg
  • Height: 145 in/3.67 m
  • Width: 102 in/2.59 m
  • Length: 45 ft/13.7 m
  • Seats: 54 (with wheelchair lift)/56 (without wheelchair lift)
  • Luggage compartment volume: 400 ft³/11.3 m³
  • Fuel tank capacity: 210 gallons/800 litres

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