Learn More About Buses: Prevost's X3-45 Commuter

This upscale coach is designed for day-to-day commuting across busy intercity routes. Since it’s a modified version of the X3-45, it has a comfort-focused interior, an advanced suspension system for smooth, quiet rides, and up to 10% greater fuel efficiency than the old X3-45s. The X3-45 Commuter also has features designed specifically for daily rides, like short entry steps, destination signs throughout the bus, and a sliding wheelchair lift door.

Interior of an X3-45 bus with black and red seats

Image courtesy of Prevost

Some more highlights of the X3-45 Commuter include:
  • 80-inch high interior
  • Shorter entry steps, wider entry door, and wider aisle than many other commuter coaches
  • Bi-part entrance door
  • Destination signs at front, side and rear of bus
  • 110v electrical outlets and adjustable LED reading lamps at each seat
  • Ergonomic driver cockpit
  • Sliding wheelchair lift door with LED docking lights
Technical specs of the X3-45 Commuter include:
  • Wet weight: 35,920 lbs/16,293 kg
  • Height: 133.875 in/3.40 m
  • Width: 101.5 in/2.58 m
  • Length: 45 ft/13.72 m
  • Seats: 57
  • Luggage compartment volume: 350 ft³/10 m³
  • Fuel tank capacity: 208 gallons/787 litres

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